Cottages / Cabins / Apartments / Villas in Öland

8 beds7200 - 8800 SEK/week

Cottage for rent Öland, Sweden

Borgholm, Köpingsvik, Löt, öland
A nice cottage with all conveniences. Perfect for two families or for you who have one big family then also laundry capabilities exists. Here you...
2 beds4200 - 4800 SEK/week

Cottage for rent Öland, Sweden

Borgholm, Köpingsvik, Löt, öland
A very charming little house with all conveniences. Perfect for 2-3 persons. Here you live aside from the town in one beautiful environment but n...
8 + 2 beds4900 - 9800 SEK/week

Cosy cottage near the sea and the city

Fantastic summer dwelling in wonderful Färjestaden. Here you have close to children friendly beaches, lovely restaurants and coffee bars, or why d...
4 + 2 beds5200 - 7900 SEK/week

SEA VIEW - Northen Öland

Böda, Byxelkrok, öland, Grankullavik, Norra...
Modern chalets next to Grankullavik and Böda beach 4,6 and 10 beds. Grankullavik Holiday Village li...
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6 beds8000 - 11000 SEK/week

New build house in Södvik

Södvik, Löttorp, öland
Welcome to a newly built house (2019) in Södvik. The house is modern and and fits you who want more ...
2 + 2 beds4000 - 5000 SEK/week

Nice cottage on Öland

Färjestaden, öland
Cosy cottage on Joel´s cape at the end of the bridge on the Öland side. Land 600 m, 10 min walk to...
11 beds10000 - 12500 SEK/week

Dream vacation on an ancient farm

Arbelunda, Kårehamn, Köpingsvik, Borgholm...
Sörgården i Arbelunda är ett mycket trevligt boende för den stora familjen, kanske generationssemest...
12 beds14900 SEK/week

Large summerhouse by the beach on northern Öland

Byrum, öland, Norra öland, Löttorp, Böda
If you are looking for a larger house, for a vacation with your friends or relatives, then this house (Tallvillan) is the right place for you! We o...