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5 (16)
Scenic dwelling at Österlen
10 + 1 beds25000 - 45000 SEK/week

Scenic dwelling at Österlen

The house is located in the middle of the broad-leaved forest by Bästekille Backar where a small gra...
5 (20)
Stay by the beach outside Ystad
4 beds9000 - 13500 SEK/week

Stay by the beach outside Ystad

Ystad, Svarte
We rent out our newly renovated house on Svarte's beach weekly. 4 beds in 2 separate bedrooms on flo...
5 (10)
Österlen Baskemölla 6+2 beds, near sea. Also w-end
6 + 2 beds7500 - 12500 SEK/week

Österlen Baskemölla 6+2 beds, near sea. Also w-end

Baskemölla Simrishamn österlen
Welcome to our fantastic house in Baskemölla in Österlen! This is the perfect place for a great holi...
5 (17)
Apartment in St.herrestad - a stone's throw from Y
2 beds5000 - 7500 SEK/week

Apartment in St.herrestad - a stone's throw from Y

Stora Herrestad, Ystad, österlen
Welcome to our home, yes - that's the way it is! In a Skånelänga from 1843 is located in the middle ...
5 (13)
5 + 1 beds8300 - 9080 SEK/week

Charming cottage five minutes from the sea

Vitaby, Kivik
Charming cottage in Vitaby. Five minutes to Vitemöllas wild life reservation with wide spread beache...
9 + 3 beds7900 SEK/week

Österlen cottage you just have to experience

österlen, Myrestad, Lillehem, Maglehem...
20 + 2 beds

Österlen/Hammars Backar wild and beautiful. 4 dwellings

österlen, Hammars, Backar
Stay at the nature management area Hammars Backar at Österlen, wild and beautiful by the sea. The estate Hammar 27 is located south of the road, up...
5 + 2 beds10600 SEK/week

ÖSTERLEN, Kivik – Spring and summer

In the SVINAHUSET at the farm Granelund you will stay in a tastefully decorated vacation house with an open planning and sleeping loft. Enjoy the a...
5 (5)
8 beds12000 SEK/week

Furuboda 70m², 8 berths, 300 metres to the beach

Furuboda, Yngsjö
Well maintained holiday home on 1,000m² natural plot in Furuboda with a relaxing and peaceful enviro...
6 beds8500 SEK/week

House with sea view

Simrishamn, österlen
The house is about a fifteen-minute walk from Simrishamn station and a five-minute walk down to the sea. Neighboring a small nature reserve. Perfec...
5 (11)
4 beds10000 - 12000 SEK/week

Österlen - beautiful views in a quiet setting

Brantevik, Gislöv, Simrishamn, österlen
"The location of the house is 1km from the Baltic Sea in a very private setting. There are beautiful...
8 beds19000 SEK/week

Large house with sea view

Baskemölla, Simrishamn
Large newly built house in Österlen with sea view and walking distance to the beach. 4 bedrooms and large common areas. Large balcony facing the se...
4 + 1 beds4000 - 8200 SEK/week

Österlen by Kåseberga and Ale Stenar

Kåseberga, Sandhammaren, Simrishamn, Ystad...
Stay at Hammars backar in the middle of the agricultural landscape, walking distance to Ale stenar a...
5 (2)
6 + 2 beds8000 - 9000 SEK/week

House/Cottage "Korsvirkeshus", Degeberga, Skåne

Hörröd, Degeberga, Kristiandstad
Tasteful living in beautiful Skåne This tastefully renovated (2008) and furnished holiday home da...
4 + 2 beds7900 - 10900 SEK/week

The Barn

Borrby, österlen, Skillinge, Hammenhög...
In this converted part of the original barn at Tillsammansgården, you have 60 square meters to enjoy with a little balcony at the front to catch th...
2 beds

Österlen at Löderups Strandbad

Ystad, -, Kåseberga
This cozy house is located in the nature reserve between Ales stenar and Backåkra. The ground floor has a combined living room/kitchen with dining ...
2 beds4500 SEK/week

Nice guest cottage, Baskemölla - Simrishamn

Baskemölla, Simrishamn, österlen
Close to the Baltic, swimming and wonderful nature in the old fishing village, Baskemälla, is our cottage suitable for 2 adults. The cottage is n...
6 + 2 beds8500 - 9500 SEK/week

Feriehus at beach and sea

Borrby, Simrishamn
Fantastic Kyhlstrand with miles and miles with white soft sand Kyhl beach is 17 km from Simrishamn, 6 km from Skillinge, 12 km from Kåseberga, abo...
5 (11)
6 + 1 beds6500 - 10200 SEK/week

Charming house in the heart of Österlen

österlen, Simrishamn, Skillinge
Welcome to a newly built cabin in Skillinge, a small old fishing village at Österlen. The house is c...
4 + 2 beds11500 - 14500 SEK/week

Hire our summer house situated in Österlen, Sweden

Juleboda, Maglehem, Brösarp, Kivik
Our house is brand new built, 70 square meters, situated 200 m from the beach.
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