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5 (15)
Scenic dwelling at Österlen
10 + 1 beds25000 - 45000 SEK/week

Scenic dwelling at Österlen

The house is located in the middle of the broad-leaved forest by Bästekille Backar where a small gra...
5 (19)
Stay by the beach outside Ystad
4 beds9000 - 13500 SEK/week

Stay by the beach outside Ystad

Ystad, Svarte
We rent out our newly renovated house on Svarte's beach weekly. 4 beds in 2 separate bedrooms on flo...
5 (12)
Charming cottage five minutes from the sea
5 + 1 beds8300 - 9080 SEK/week

Charming cottage five minutes from the sea

Vitaby, Kivik
Charming cottage in Vitaby. Five minutes to Vitemöllas wild life reservation with wide spread beache...
5 (15)
Apartment in St.herrestad - a stone's throw from Y
2 beds5000 - 7500 SEK/week

Apartment in St.herrestad - a stone's throw from Y

Stora Herrestad, Ystad, österlen
Welcome to our home, yes - that's the way it is! In a Skånelänga from 1843 is located in the middle ...
5 (7)
6 + 2 beds7500 - 12000 SEK/week

Österlen Baskemölla 6+2 beds, near sea. Also w-end

Baskemölla Simrishamn österlen
Welcome to our fantastic house in Baskemölla in Österlen! This is the perfect place for a great holi...
5 (11)
4 beds10000 - 12000 SEK/week

Österlen - beautiful views in a quiet setting

Brantevik, Gislöv, Simrishamn, österlen
"The location of the house is 1km from the Baltic Sea in a very private setting. There are beautiful...
4 + 2 beds10000 - 15000 SEK/week

Backagården Österlen

Kåseberga, Löderups Strandbad
House by Kåseåsen 450 mts from the sea. Skåneleden (hiking trail) will easily lead you to both Löderup swimming beach and Kåseberga. Rented by the ...
5 + 3 beds8700 SEK/week

partially handicapped accessible - close to the se

Ystad, Simrishamn, österlen, Mälarhusen
Very clean accommodation. No thresholds. Bedroom with two single beds that are adjustable. Bedroom with a single bed and a bunk bed. Kitchen /...
5 + 2 beds15000 SEK/week

Sea view in Löderup’s Strandbad

Löderups, Strandbad
From 17 june we let our summer paradise in Löderup’s Strandbad with a fantastic view. High position but yet covered from the wind, with a lovely co...
5 (10)
6 + 1 beds6500 - 10200 SEK/week

Charming house in the heart of Österlen

österlen, Simrishamn, Skillinge
Welcome to a newly built cabin in Skillinge, a small old fishing village at Österlen. The house is c...
12 + 4 beds

The Country House with Spa & Sauna. Ocean 10min

österlen, Lillehem, Maglehem, Myrestad...
6 beds6500 - 8000 SEK/week

Österlen, charming house Ö Hoby

österlen, Simrishamn, Hoby
This charming house with a view over the fields is located in the outskirts of the village Östra Hoby.
Bicycle distance to the beach, Glimmingehus ...
2 + 2 beds4800 - 6300 SEK/week

Rosdala Gård: Cosy guesthouse 2 +2

Skurup, Skivarp, Abbekås, Ystad, Svarte...
Rosdala Gård: 2 + 2 beds. Fully equipped newly renovated guest house in a typical Skåne U-shaped hou...
2 + 2 beds7900 - 12500 SEK/week

Norrekås/Örnahusen 80 metres from the sea!

österlen, Skillinge, örnahusen, Norrekås...
For rent, Norrekås. 80 metres from the sea! For more information and pictures . Situated by t...
14 + 3 beds

The rural Spa cottage close to sea & forrests

österlen, Myrestad, Lillehem, Maglehem...
2 + 2 beds3500 - 5500 SEK/week

Visitor´s apartement in the old stable.

Lilla Maryd, Sankt Olof, Kivik, Simrishamn...
The apartement is in the old stable of a small estate near to Sankt Olof, in the heart of Österlen. ...
3 + 1 beds5000 - 6500 SEK/week

Summer living in a unique garden

Mälarhusen, Borrby, Skillinge, Simrishamn...
Are you longing for peace and quiet? To rest your eyes in green and listen to birdsong? Then Killahuset's 19th-century cottage house with three roo...
16 + 2 beds6500 - 35500 SEK/week

Österlen Sandhammaren/Järahusen

Mälarhusen, Sandhammaren, Backåkra, Kåseberga...
Rebuilt luxury summer / åretrunthus located at Sandhammaren/Järahusen close to the top 1 rated be...
5 beds3900 - 9900 SEK/week

A small place in the country 900m from the sea

Furuboda, Yngsjö, åhus, österlen...
Do you want to live in scenic Furuboda in Österlen with 900m to the beach? At the gate to Österlen,...
2 + 1 beds1000 - 1400 SEK/night

Well equipped cottage in Sweden’s Provence

Simrishamn, Skilinge
3 min to the seaWell equipped cottage by open fields and huge sky, 3 min to the quaint fishing village of Skillinge or to the village of Brantevik...
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