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Cosy cottage on the east coast of Gotland
4 beds3900 - 6900 SEK/week

Cosy cottage on the east coast of Gotland

Ardre, Ljugarn, östra Gotland, Gammelgarn...
The old limestone house - it was built as a smithy earlier - is located on the east side of the isla...
5 (6)
Centrally located house in Visby
8 beds12000 - 25000 SEK/week

Centrally located house in Visby

Large two floor house for as many as eight guests. Bedrooms are located in four different rooms, one...
5 (6)
House in Hamra
7 + 1 beds11000 SEK/week

House in Hamra

House in the centre of Hamra, within walking distance of the local pub/ restaurant (krog) and next d...
5 (7)
Newly renovated cottage close to the sea
4 + 1 beds

Newly renovated cottage close to the sea

Klintehamn, Tofta, Kronholmen, Västergarn...
Welcome to rent our newly renovated cottage half an hour south of Visby. The cottage is located in ...
5 (5)
6 beds8000 - 14000 SEK/week

Välhållen 70 tals stuga intill naturreservat

Stenkyrkehuk, Stenkyrka
Välhållen 70 - tals stuga på stor skogstomt med 200 - 300 m till naturreservat, vandringsled och ste...
4 + 1 beds6500 - 8000 SEK/week

Summer dwelling northern Gotland/Fårösund

Bunge, Fårösund
House to let by the week. Located in peaceful residential area in Fårösund. Circa 1,000 metres to the beach in the village. Near communications tog...
2 + 3 beds3500 - 5100 SEK/week

Well equipped cottage with an annexe. Gotland

Stånga, Hemse, Ljugarn, Gotland
Cottages on our ground plot, private location, rustic environment with horses and lambs. Farmland on two sides, road and residents on two sides. Co...
5 (2)
10 + 4 beds6500 SEK/week

Newly built dwelling near the Sea

Eksta, Gotland
A converted warehouse to spend your holidays together with friends and family. A historical building...
4 (2)
2 + 1 beds3400 - 5400 SEK/week

Cottage in Visby, Gotland

Gotland, Visby
This cottage is placed in my garden. It is 26 kvm. There is one room with 1 nice bed, for 2 people ...
5 beds5400 - 9500 SEK/week

Cottage in Katthammarsvik

Katthammarsvik, östergarn, Gotland
Lovely modern cottage for rent. Excellent facilities. Near the Eastern coast of the Island of Gotland, Sweden in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The...
5 (14)
3 + 1 beds4500 - 5000 SEK/week

Stone cottage, middle of Gotland

Sjonhem, Romakloster
Limestone cottage from 1800 century. Thick stone walls and large fireplace. Room with kitchenette, ...
7 + 1 beds10000 - 14000 SEK/week

Nickarve 304 Manor house

Visby, Hejdeby, Visby, Hejdeby
Villa in mansion style with 6 regular berths. See more at:
4 beds4500 SEK/week

Summerhouse by the ocean in Djupvik

Gotland, Ekstakusten, Djupvik, Klintehamn...
Just a stone's throw from the harbor in Djupvik, 300 meters, and the sandy beach, 100 meters, is this holiday home with wifi consisting of - a lar...
8 + 2 beds18000 - 20000 SEK/week

Unique limestone 18th century house in Gotland

Sundre, Burgsvik, Sudret, Gotland
Tomase is an idyllic retreat in a peaceful and beautiful setting. A spacious and well-equipped 18th century villa - built meticulously according to...
2 beds3300 - 5500 SEK/week

One room apartment in the heart of Visby's old tow

A nice old one room apartment with kitchen and bathroom at the center of Visby's old town, close to everything. cover and pillow are available, but...
5 (2)
2 beds3300 - 5500 SEK/week

Charming house in the heart of Visby's old town

A charming small house in the heart of Visbys old town, very centrally, close to everything. Calm a...
6 + 2 beds10000 - 20000 SEK/week

Fantastic location in southern island of Gotland

Vamlingbo, Burgsvik
The house is privately situated at the end of the road surrounded by wild nature and with walking distance to the sea. On a bicycle you can easily ...
5 (2)
4 beds3000 - 7500 SEK/week

Gotland, nice countryside holiday living

Stenkyrka, Visby, Väskinde, Brisund, Själsö...
If you find the pictures interesting, please send us an email and we will be more then happy to give...
5 (2)
4 + 2 beds

Nice accommodation with a view of Slite GK

Norra Gotland, Slite, Othem, åminne...
Apartment 1 ½ floor in wing building, 4 regular beds 2 extra beds in sofa bed. About 5 km from Slite...
4 + 1 beds4500 - 7500 SEK/week

Sunset over the moor

Burgsvik, Storsudret, Hamra
50 kvm modern house. Annex: Glashouse to dine or relax in. 5 good beds. Natur, kultur and restaurant...
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