About us

Why Stugknuten?
For everyone's opportunity to have a holiday together.

We are actually a tech company. Maybe that's why we think it's important to take a pause, relax, enjoy and do it with family and friends. Slip around in long underwear after skiing or slowly wake up on the jetty with a cup of coffee in hand. For us, the cottage is a wonderful sanctuary and a place for peace, joy and rest. Regardless of the time of year, regardless of time in life. As we see it, free time in a cabin is something more people should be able to experience.

This wish is one of the reasons why we work with Stugknuten.com and develop a web service that makes it both easy and safe to rent a cottage in Sweden.

At Stugknuten.com, we work actively to create better conditions for serious landlords to assert themselves in the competition with a platform that rewards them - and makes it easier for you to find the right cottage. With Stugknuten's S-certification, we have built in services such as standardized contracts, card payments and supplementary cottage insurance and we continue to develop new services that benefits both guests and hosts.

We who run Stugknuten.com and the sister sites Stugbasen.com and Hyrbo.se have grown up with cabins by mountain lakes. And we love it. We want you to experience that too - book in a nice relaxing time together.

Jonatan Lundqvist,
CEO Stugknuten uthyrning AB

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