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5 (21)
Stay by the beach outside Ystad
4 beds9000 - 13500 SEK/week

Stay by the beach outside Ystad

Ystad, Svarte
We rent out our newly renovated house on Svarte's beach weekly. 4 beds in 2 separate bedrooms on flo...
5 (17)
Apartment in St.herrestad - a stone's throw from Y
2 beds5000 - 7500 SEK/week

Apartment in St.herrestad - a stone's throw from Y

Stora Herrestad, Ystad, österlen
Welcome to our home, yes - that's the way it is! In a Skånelänga from 1843 is located in the middle ...
5 (9)
Seaside cottage - Abbekås
2 beds6600 - 10800 SEK/week

Seaside cottage - Abbekås

Abbekås, Ystad
Newly renovated cottage by the sea in Abbekås. Rooms for two persons. Parking available. Near baths,...
5 (8)
Cottage 10 mts from the Sea
4 beds5000 - 7000 SEK/week

Cottage 10 mts from the Sea

Beautiful cottage on the beachside in the fishing village Abbekås. Two berths in separate bedrooms a...
20 + 2 beds

Österlen/Hammars Backar wild and beautiful. 4 dwellings

österlen, Hammars, Backar
Stay at the nature management area Hammars Backar at Österlen, wild and beautiful by the sea. The estate Hammar 27 is located south of the road, up...
5 (1)
2 + 2 beds9000 - 14000 SEK/week

Cozy cottage in the nature reserve Sandskogen, Yst

Ystad, Skåne
This small, cozy cabin is located just 400 meters from the beach in beautiful Sandskogen. Even thoug...
10 beds12000 - 18000 SEK/week

Beautiful and spacious county house

Hammenhög, Hannas, Simrishamn, Ystad
Lovely country house on approx. 200 square meters in the small village of Hannas in the south east of Skåne. The house overlooks fields and consist...
4 + 2 beds13650 - 18200 SEK/week

House on the hills of Österlen

österlen, Skåne, Ystad, Simrishamn, Kivik...
The house is located in the idyllic village of Örum and is 150 square meters in size. It is built in an angle with an original part from 1909 with ...
4 + 1 beds4000 - 8200 SEK/week

Österlen by Kåseberga and Ale Stenar

Kåseberga, Sandhammaren, Simrishamn, Ystad...
Stay at Hammars backar in the middle of the agricultural landscape, walking distance to Ale stenar a...
4 + 2 beds10000 - 15000 SEK/week

Backagården Österlen

Kåseberga, Löderups Strandbad
House by Kåseåsen 450 mts from the sea. Skåneleden (hiking trail) will easily lead you to both Löderup swimming beach and Kåseberga. Rented by the ...
4 + 1 beds9595 - 119945 SEK/week

Unique apartments at farm in southern Österlen

Löderup, Ystad, Simrishamn
Two apartments on a farm in the open landscape at southern Österlen, with access to swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Near Kåseberga and Sandhammaren, o...
5 (7)
2 beds7000 SEK/week

Bohemian lair with art

Between Tomelilla and Simrishamn, directly west of Lunnarp by road 11, we live in a farm, where ther...
5 (4)
4 beds13300 SEK/week

Charming house close to Ystad

Ystad, österlen, Svarte, östra Skåne...
The former stable building has everything you need for a pleasant holiday and has been carefully ren...
1 (1)
2 + 2 beds2500 SEK/night

The gate to Österlen

Welcome to a charming apartment in the center of Ystad. Here you can enjoy the medieval town center ...
2 beds

Österlen at Löderups Strandbad

Ystad, -, Kåseberga
This cozy house is located in the nature reserve between Ales stenar and Backåkra. The ground floor has a combined living room/kitchen with dining ...
5 (3)
2 beds7495 - 9495 SEK/week

Cottage for rent in central Ystad

I rent out a cottage that is well delimited on my plot in a quiet residential area. There is room fo...
6 + 1 beds9800 - 12600 SEK/week

Converted farm close to Ystad

Ystad, österlen
Set amidst a sweeping landscape of meadows, gentle rises to woodlands of silver birch and close to endless sandy beaches of the Baltic shore, you w...
2 + 1 beds1500 SEK/night

The Gate to Österlen

Welcome to a charming apartment in the center of Ystad. Here you can enjoy the medieval town center with its half-timbered houses and narrow alleys...
2 + 2 beds4800 - 6300 SEK/week

Rosdala Gård: Cosy guesthouse 2 +2

Skurup, Skivarp, Abbekås, Ystad, Svarte...
Rosdala Gård: 2 + 2 beds. Fully equipped newly renovated guest house in a typical Skåne U-shaped hou...
2 + 2 beds8400 SEK/week

Beach house

Ystad, Mossbystrand, Svarte, Abbekås
Beach House west of Ystad. Beautiful beach house on 48 sqm + 20 sqm bed loft approximately 10 minutes west of Ystad. The house is located 50 meters...
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