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5 (13)
Villa Himmelfjäll
16 + 2 beds

Villa Himmelfjäll

Idre, Idre Himmelfjäll, Idrefjäll...
Spacious newly built villa (276 m²) in beautiful Idre Himmelfjäll where several families can stay to...
5 (8)
New ski-in/ski-out - sauna - Idre Himmelfjäll
8 beds3500 - 15900 SEK/week

New ski-in/ski-out - sauna - Idre Himmelfjäll

Idre, Idre Himmelfjäll, Jupiter, Trolltrillet...
The apartment has a balcony and is located on the upper floor of the building. Location is in the ar...
Newly built house in Idre
8 beds

Newly built house in Idre

Idre, Idre Fjäll, älvdalen, Dalarna
In Idre Fjällfoten, close to Himmelfjäll, Idre Fjäll and Idre village, we have established new semi-detached houses. The semi-detached houses are n...
Cottage in the mountain
4 beds

Cottage in the mountain

Idre, Fjätervålen
50 squaremetres. High standard. Homepage:
8 beds7000 - 20000 SEK/week

The Riverside Mountain Lodge

Idre, Idre Fjäll, Idre Himmelfjäll
Discover luxury living in our well-designed and exclusive house, featuring tasefull furnishings from Posh Living and beds from Strömsholm, Wonderla...
5 (4)
10 + 2 beds10000 - 18000 SEK/week

Luxurious mountain cabin

Idre, Idre Fjäll, Fjätervålen, Himmelfjäll...
Our cabin is situated next to Idre Mountain Golf Club, nearby Idre village and its ski resorts. It i...
5 (13)
8 + 2 beds3600 - 8700 SEK/week

Log house in Gränjesåsvallen, Idre

Idre, Idre Fjäll, älvdalens Kommun...
On an old mountain pasture at the foot of the mountain Städjan facing the facilities of Idre fjäll y...
8 beds

comfortable cabin ski-in ski-out Idre Himmelfjäll

Idre, Idre Fjäll, Idre Himmelfjäll, Dalarna...
Our two cottages are in a perfect location on Idre Himmelfjäll, right by the hill. Just put on the skis and slide out onto the slopes or ski tracks...
8 + 2 beds7500 - 27000 SEK/week

Mountain cabin in Idre fjäll/ Himmelfjäll

Idre, Idre Himmelfjäll, Idre Fjäll
Very nice and well-equipped cottage in the middle of the hill in beautiful Himmelfjäll. The cabin is located high up with a magnificent view of the...
5 (2)
6 + 2 beds

Cosy cottage at Idrefjäll, Ski-in ski-out

Idre, Idrefjäll, Idre, Fjäll
Nice renovated cottage close to skislopes and "skidcenter syd". Welcome to winter in Idre. The win...
9 beds10000 - 20000 SEK/week

Idre Mountain Lodges – top class cottage

Idre, Himmelsfjäl, Idrefjäll, Fjätervålen...
Welcome to a mountain cottage which breathes modern architecture in combination with a classic and sturdily cosy mountain feel. The cottage with i...
6 beds5420 - 19450 SEK/week

Best location in Idre Fjäll 6-32 beds

Idre, Fjäll, Idre Fjäll, Idrefjäll, älvdalen
Perfect living for one family or several families who want to live close by. It is possible to rent one apartment or up to five apartments in the s...
10 beds8000 - 19000 SEK/week

Fantastic newly built mountain lodge

Idre, Idre Fjäll
The house is located by the Idre golf course and close to Idre's ski facilities. The house is in a perfect sunny location with a fantastic view ov...
5 (2)
10 beds4500 - 15000 SEK/week

Newly-produced top class twin house

Idre, Idre Himmelfjäll
High standard and located close to nature between Idre By, Idre Fjäll and the new Idre Himmelfjäll, ...
12 + 1 beds4900 - 24000 SEK/week

Best living in Swedish mountain -

Idre, Fjäll, Dähliebyn, Idre
Welcome to Idres maybe the nicest accommodation! - On a perfect plot, high and nicely situated with ...
4 (1)
6 + 2 beds3500 - 5500 SEK/week

Älvros - Kringelfjorden

Idre Särna...
Lovely timber from the 1800s with a lake plot, sauna and boathouse. The cottage in Älvros has prev...
5 (2)
6 beds

Idre Himmelfjäll, ski-in/ski-out

Idre, Idre Himmelfjäll, Dalarna, Idrefjäll...
A new spacious accommodation with a high standard and a unique location where the lift passes right ...
12 + 2 beds4900 - 15000 SEK/week

Best in Swedish mountain- Idre fjäll

Idre, Fjäll, Dähliebyn, Idre, Lofsdalen...
Welcome to Idres maybe the nicest accommodation! - On a perfect plot, high and nicely situated with views of tree peaks against the Norwegian mount...
5 (1)
9 beds4500 - 15000 SEK/week

Newly produced semi-detached house in lovely Idre

Idre Himmelfjäll, Idre, Fjätervålen, Sälen...
Welcome to this newly produced semi-detached house with a fantastic location in southern Himmelfjäll...
3 (1)
10 + 2 beds10000 - 16000 SEK/week

Cosy mountain house in Idre

Idre, Dalarna
Beautiful newly built mountain lodge (semi-detached) in the area by the golf course in Idre (Idre Mo...
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