Cottages / Cabins / Apartments / Villas in Vamlingbo


6 + 2 beds10000 - 15000 SEK/week

Fantastic location in southern island of Gotland

Vamlingbo, Burgsvik
The house is privately situated at the end of the road surrounded by wild nature and with walking distance to the sea. On a bicycle you can easily ...
8 + 2 beds1800 - 20000 SEK/week

Unique limestone 18th century house in Gotland

Sundre, Burgsvik, Sudret, Gotland
Tomase is an idyllic retreat in a peaceful and beautiful setting. A spacious and well-equipped 18th century villa - built meticulously according to...
8 + 2 beds8000 - 13500 SEK/week

Spacious farmhouse in beautiful setting, Gotland

Vamlingbo, Burgsvik, Gotland, Sudret...
Spacious house, 150 square metres, dating from late 19th Century, renovated 2012. Peaceful surroundings, away from traffic. Comfortable bicycle r...
4 + 1 beds4000 - 7000 SEK/week

Sunset over the moor

Burgsvik, Storsudret, Hamra
50 kvm modern house. Annex: Glashouse to dine or relax in. 5 good beds. Natur, kultur and restaurant...
10 + 4 beds12000 - 19500 SEK/week


Gotland, Burgsvik, Hamra, Sudret, Storsudret
Beautiful limestone house with walking distance to the sea and sandy beach. Walking distance to bistro and bakery, for fresh bread in the morning. ...
4 + 2 beds5000 - 8000 SEK/week

The Linné house, Vamlingbo Vicarage, Gotland

Vamlingbo Prästgård, Burgsvik
Wing building belonging to the vicarage Vamlingbo Prästgård, from the 18th century. Two double rooms with separate showers, living room and dining ...
4 beds5000 - 6000 SEK/week

Beautiful stone cabin, on southwest on Gotland

Näs, Södra, Gotland
The house is beautiful situated on an old farm from 1800 century. Well kept farm environment. Carefully renovated 2003. 65 km to Visby. 1 km to th...
4 + 1 beds6000 - 8000 SEK/week

Stone house in Vamlingbo

Gotland, Södra, Gotland, Storsudret...
An one etage stone house, built 2002,available to rent the year around in Vamlingbo.The house is sec...
8 beds17000 SEK/week

old pitoresk gotlandic house

Hamra, Burgsvik, Storsudret
The house "lilla Högården" is built 1864. Its in a calm neighborhood with a rich garden with both flowers and fuit treas. Its 2 km distance to the ...
5 beds7500 - 12000 SEK/week

Seaside house

Gotland, Södra, Gotland, Storsudret...
A lovely seaside house privately located only a stone’s throw away from the Sea. The house is situated on the island of Gotland’s south coast with ...
3 beds2500 - 4000 SEK/week

Small guesthouse in "Storsudret", Gotland

Hamra, Vamlingbo, Burgsvik
The house, for 2-4 persons, is located in Hamra, southern Gotland. It is located on our property with a mail building in traditional Gotland style....
2 beds1500 - 3500 SEK/week

Liten fin stuga. På södra Gotland (Storsudret) 9 m

Hamra, Strandsocken
Stugan är nyrenoverad och toppmodern med alla bekvämligheter Duch,toa och minikök.även bredband och TV. Grillplats på liten täppa. Närhet till Ham...
Charmigt kulturhus
4 beds6600 - 7000 SEK/week

Charmigt kulturhus

Burgsvik, Gotland
Detta fina och moderna kalkstenshus från 1800-talet hyr vi ut sommaren 2021 Två sovrum på övervåningen. Hall, vardagsrum, matrum och kök (fd bryg...
4 (1)
Sudret, Vamlingbo, Gotland, cykelavstånd t havet
4 + 2 beds3000 - 5500 SEK/week

Sudret, Vamlingbo, Gotland, cykelavstånd t havet

Sudret, Vamlingbo, Burgsvik, Gotland...
I Vamlingbo på södra Gotland, det som kallas Storsudret, ligger detta insynsskyddade hus från 70-tal...
4.5 (3)
Stuga på södra Gotland uthyres 5500kr/v
6 + 1 beds5500 SEK/week

Stuga på södra Gotland uthyres 5500kr/v

Grötlingbo, Hemse, Burgsvik, Havdhem
Stuga byggd 2009 på södra Gotland uthyres veckovis med brytdag på lördagar. Utöver 3 sovrum med tota...
5 (1)
Småskolan i Vamlingbo, Sudret
7 + 2 beds15000 SEK/week

Småskolan i Vamlingbo, Sudret

Vamlingbo, Sudret, Burgsvik
Gammal vacker småskola med en härlig tomt med morgon- och kvällssol. Cykelavstånd till Sudrets fin...