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Cozy Häljaröds harbor, cabin with sea view
4 beds

Cozy Häljaröds harbor, cabin with sea view

Jonstorp, Farhult, ängelholm, Häljaröd
Cozy wooden house with sea view and 4 beds (1 double bed and 1 sofa bed) for rent in Häljaröd harbor...
5 (7)
Cozy living in the countryside in Kullabygden
6 beds6000 - 8500 SEK/week

Cozy living in the countryside in Kullabygden

Welcome to a newly renovated half-timbered house on a farm in Buskeröd outside Höganäs. The accommod...
5 (3)
Summer house with a wonderful view
4 + 3 beds5900 - 9900 SEK/week

Summer house with a wonderful view

Magnarp, Vejbystrand
Cozy and well-planned summer house of 90 square meters with sea view from almost every room. Perfect...
Cozy house in Höganäs
4 + 1 beds6500 - 8500 SEK/week

Cozy house in Höganäs

Rest easy in a classical ‘Höganäs house’ in a calm neighborhood from the 1950’s in the south of Höganäs. Perfect for two couples or a family who ne...
2 + 2 beds4500 SEK/week

Cottage by the sea:Farhult/Skälderviken:Ängelholm

Farhult, Höganäs, Invid, Skälderviken
Cottage of a total of 36 square meters with 4 beds, kitchenette, toilet and shower. Private balcony ...
4 + 2 beds

Dream location 10 meters to sea & sandy beach!

Skepparkroken, Skälderviken, ängelholm...
In the idyllic former fishing village Skepparkroken, 6 km north of Ängelholm is this charming, typical Skåne house, in a dream location with panora...
6 + 2 beds19500 SEK/week

Villa Hoppet skälderviken

Skälderviken ängelholm
Villa Hoppet dating from 1916 carries with it charm and history and offers a wonderful view of Skälderviksbukten and Kullahalvön, only 500 m from t...
5 (6)
6 + 1 beds8000 - 10000 SEK/week

Villa Olympia

New built lovely house of 130 square meters in the center of Höganäs. Here you got a good starting p...
5 (3)
4 beds6000 - 8500 SEK/week

Holiday home

Farhult, Höganäs, Mölle
Lovely holiday home, 200m from the fantastic beach, "Farhultsbaden" and fantastic nature with hiking...
5 (1)
5 beds15000 SEK/week

A golden opportunity at Kullahalvön, Skälderviken

This unique house with a sea view over Skälderviken and a big garden is a cosy vacation spot for the...
5 (6)
5 + 1 beds4800 - 6800 SEK/week

Sea view in idyllic Magnarp

Magnarp, Vejbystrand, Skälderviken...
On the Bjärehalvön, in idyllic Magnarp, lies our nice cottage with lovely views over Skälderviken an...
6 beds5000 - 7500 SEK/week

The Cottage of Lyckås near Öresund (Helsingborg)

Viken, Höganäs
Lyckås Farm has since 2002 leased guest accommodation type Stay on a Farm self-catering. The farm is unique in Kullabygden which rents out accommod...
3 + 1 beds1900 - 4200 SEK/week

Cottage in beautiful Arild Skåne 200m to the sea

Arild, Höganäs, Mölle, Helsingborg, ängelholm...
Cottage in beautyful Arild in Skåne 200m sea bath nature reserve Accommodation with 3 + 1 beds in Arild, Höganäs, Mölle, Helsingborg, Ängelholm, Sk...
6 beds6000 - 9000 SEK/week

Wild Strawberry Lodge - Lyckås Gård by Helsingborg

Höganäs, Kullaberg
Wild Strawberries Lodge is an awardwinning appartment from 2007, which is located in a rustic, stone throwing at Lyckås Farm in northwest of Skån...
4 + 1 beds4500 - 5800 SEK/week

Beautiful old house near Helsingborg

Höganäs, Jonstorp, Viken, Kullahalvön...
4+1 person Big modern kitchen, two bedrooms, all you need. You can play golf on six different ranges within 20 km.
5 (11)
6 beds4900 - 8900 SEK/week

Cottage in Magnarp

Magnarp, Vejbystrand, Björkhagen, ängelholm...
Fresh-looking cottage in 1,5 planes, ca 65 sq.m. + basement. Ground floor: Hall, livingroom with op...
6 beds8000 SEK/week

Maisonette close to the sea, Svanshall, Kullabygde

Kullabygden, Svanshall, Jonstorp, Höganäs
Pleasant leisure apartment built in 2011 in former wooden boat carpentry. Maisonette with beamed ce...
8 + 2 beds4500 - 6500 SEK/week

Summer house in Angelholm

There are three houses in the garden, the main building, a guest house and a small store house. The store house cannot be used by the tenants. T...
3 (1)
6 + 1 beds7800 SEK/week

Excellent standard, 200m from the sea!

Jonstorp, Höganäs, Kullabygden, Svanshall
Newly renovated, amazing summer house in Jonstorp. Kitchen is beautiful with stainless steel applia...
5 (1)
5 beds6500 SEK/week

Charming farm wing in Kullabygden

Höganäs, Kullabygden, Helsingborg, ängelholm
The Gårdslängan is a part of a charming horse farm outside of Höganäs. It is imbedded in lush and ...
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