Cottages / Cabins / Apartments / Villas in Borgholm


24 beds

Central dwelling in Borgholm

Borgholm, Köpingsvik
Experience the summer on the island of Öland. We let four cottages and four rooms in our house. Large garden with garden furniture and access to ba...
8 beds7200 - 8800 SEK/week

Cottage for rent Öland, Sweden

Borgholm, Köpingsvik, Löt, öland
A nice cottage with all conveniences. Perfect for two families or for you who have one big family then also laundry capabilities exists. Here you...
2 beds4200 - 4800 SEK/week

Cottage for rent Öland, Sweden

Borgholm, Köpingsvik, Löt, öland
A very charming little house with all conveniences. Perfect for 2-3 persons. Here you live aside from the town in one beautiful environment but n...
4 beds5800 - 6400 SEK/week

Rent cottage öland for 2-4

Borgholm, öland
When you rent our house will you be staying in a lovely rural setting yet so close to everything! You have 10 km to the small town of Borgholm...
5 (7)
8 beds5500 - 7500 SEK/week

Sweet secluded cottage on Öland sleeps 8

Köpingsvik, Borgholm, öland, Kalmar
Cabin 5 mins from the adorable village of Köpingsvik, 10 mins from the beach and 15 mins from the to...
6 + 2 beds4500 SEK/week

Cottage in the middle of the island Öland

Borgholm, Lindbytall
Small cottage with private garden Available in the cottage... China and cutlery for twelve perso...
8 + 2 beds3300 - 14900 SEK/week

Ölandshuset - Close to the ocean Borgholm

Borgholm, Köpingsvik, Björkviken, öland
1 ½ storey terraced house, 113 sqm with 8-10 beds, located about 150m from the sea between Borgholm and Köpingsvik, in a very nice and quiet reside...
6 + 2 beds7000 SEK/week

Central Borgholm, close to the sea

Borgholm, öland
Very nice location on Villagatan in Borgholm. 100 meters from the sea, centrally located between Slottsskogens beautiful nature reserve and the har...