Ljungdalsfjällen is situated in the west of Härjedalen and consists of Ljungdalen, Storsjö and Skärkdalen. It is a real special place for you who seeks peace and quiet and want to get away from the large and jammed skiing resorts. Here you will find nice hiking trails together with skiing tracks, wonderful nature and good service. Here you also will find Sweden’s highest mountains, south of the Arctic Circle.

8 + 2 beds6500 - 7000 SEK/week

Magnificent logg cabin with grasroof

Ljungdalen, Funäsdalen, Bruksvallarna...
We have had several satisfied guests from Germany (see guestbook), please Welcome to Timberlodge! ...
8 + 2 beds7000 - 12000 SEK/week

Modern cosy lodge Ljungdalen (close to Funäsdalen)

Ljungdalen, Funäsdalen, Bruksvallarna...
Welcome to "Fjelltoppen", our newly built cozy log house located in Ljungdalen in Northwestern Härj...
7 + 1 beds4000 - 6000 SEK/week

Mountain hut in Ljungdalen

Ljungdalen, Kläppen
In the Swedish mountains, at the hill of Torkilstöten, 850 msl by the treeline you find the mountain hut Öringen 11. Öringen is about 5 km outside ...
6 beds3700 - 5000 SEK/week

Cottage in Ljungdalen

Cottage with open and free wiew towards Ljungdalen village,forest and mountain from the terrace to the south. Nice floor plan with open passage ...
5 (1)
6 + 2 beds3000 - 5000 SEK/week

Apartment with Ski in/Ski Out

Ljungdalen, Helags
In the middle of the ski slope lies this fine apartment with a great view over Ljungdalen. The ap...
4.7 (4)
6 beds3500 - 5500 SEK/week

rent mountain cabin in scenic Ljungdalen

Ljungdalen, Torkilstöten, Jämtland...
Accommodation with 6 beds in Ljungdalen, Torkilstöten., Jämtland for rent At 850 m.o.sea lies the h...
5 (1)
6 beds8600 SEK/week

Timber cottage near the mountain in Torkilstöten Ljungdalen

Ljungdalen, Torkilstöten, övre Skrållan
Organic built mountain cottage highly located in Torkilstöten. Three bedrooms with two beds in each ...
3.8 (5)
6 beds4200 SEK/week

Hyr fjällstuga i natursköna Ljungdalen!

Ljungdalen, Torkilstöten
På 850 m.ö.h. ligger stugan Öringen 4 belägen i Torkilstötens stugområde 5km norr om Ljungdalen. Me...
6 beds5000 - 7000 SEK/week

Mysig timmerstuga med utsikt

Ljungdalen, Härjedalen
En riktigt mysig, timrad fjällstuga med utsikt över kalfjället. Du får en oslagbar skön stund efter vandringen/skidåkningen och bastubadet i den ...
12 + 4 beds7500 - 9500 SEK/week

Ledig, v2,3,4,5, v7, v10, v15, v17-v27

Välkommen till Fjällviolen! Här finns en drömstuga med utsikt över fjället. Stugan ligger på 840 mö...
4 + 1 beds2000 - 2500 SEK/week

Björkstugan/fjällstuga vid Ljungan

Ljungdalen, Flatruet
En mysig och enkel timmerstuga i Ljungdalen med utsikt över Ljungan Ljungdalen ligger i norra Härjedalen, ca 4 mil norr om Funäsdalen. Vandringsle...

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