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Traditional Swedish holiday house for rent
10 beds4500 - 6500 SEK/week

Traditional Swedish holiday house for rent

Ramsberg, Kopparberg, Lindesberg...
Welcome to our private rental property in Torpa, 210 km west of Stockholm! The area is beautiful, u...
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Forest getaway
3 + 2 beds3500 - 4500 SEK/week

Forest getaway

östra, Löa, Kopparberg, Lindesberg, örebro
Surrounded by forest, this renovated and secluded cottage is well worth considering for your country...
Cottage with pool
5 + 1 beds5700 - 8400 SEK/week

Cottage with pool

Riddarhyttan, Skinnskatteberg
Fresh cottage in middle of Sweden 200km from Stockholm. Around the cottage there is a big garden and a heated pool, 4,6 meter in diameter. Suited f...
Croft / cottage with a nice view of the la
3 beds2000 - 3000 SEK/week

Croft / cottage with a nice view of the la

örebro, Fellingsbro, Nora, Lindesberg, Frövi...
Close to forrest and fields is this a peacful stay in complete calm. Take a stroll in the forrest right outside the cottage. Look for berries and m...
5 (1)
2 beds1500 - 1700 SEK/week

Timber cottage with nice views of lake and fiel

örebro, Fellingsbro, Arboga, Västerås...
The timber cottage from the nineteenth century offers an easy summer stay. The interior sweep you aw...
5 (1)
6 beds7000 - 9000 SEK/week

Lakeside cottage

Arboga, örebro, Västerås, Eskilstuna...
Rent our homey cottage right next to Lake Hjälmaren. Here the wooden floors are smooth and you will ...
11 + 8 beds7000 - 9000 SEK/week

Welcome to Tveta Strand

Himmeta, Medåker
Lovely lakeside holiday house with private jetty and beach. Here there is room for the large family ...
5 + 1 beds3900 - 4900 SEK/week

Lillstugan on Fallängetorp

Sala, Krylbo
Lillstugan on Fallängetorp is a homely and cozy cottage that suits you who want to enjoy the peace and the life in the countryside and get away fro...
5 beds3600 - 3950 SEK/week

House in the woods/Huis gelegen in de bossen

Sikfors, Hällefors, Hellefors, Filipstad
Nice former permanent house. Very quiet place. 100m till little lake, for fishing. There are three separate bedrooms (2x2 single beds + 1 double be...
5 (4)
4 beds700 SEK/night

Forneby Hill Bed & Car

Möklinta, Sala, Avesta
You will stay quiet and calm in your own cottage on the farm only a short distance away from our own...
7 + 1 beds6624 - 9950 SEK/week

Cozy cottage at your own lake

Grythyttan, Hällefors, Karlskoga
Nice holiday house decorated with antique furniture of good class. The house is located about 7 km f...
5 beds4850 - 6800 SEK/week

Ekengard, 2 Luxury holiday houses on former farm

Köping, Arboga, Mellan, örebro, Och, Västerås
2 luxury holiday houses build in an authentic farm house from 1800. Very tastefully decorated maintaining original elements. One has a loft and a r...
4 beds

Lodge on the lake Sörälgen

Hällefors, Bergslagen
Enjoy the calm and the lake right outside your window in the cozy lodge for up to four people. There are two bedrooms, one with a double bed and on...
3 beds5800 SEK/week

Forneby 224

Sala, Västmanland, Möklinta, Västerås...
Cottage with 3 beds in Möklinta, Sala, Västmanland for rent. Renovated single-family cottage of 55 sqm, 2 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, bath...
12 + 2 beds

Norr-Ryby Lodging

Arboga, Köping
Nice and newly decorated two room apartment, located 12km outside of Arboga. 4km from Medåker. Kitchen/all-purpose room. WC, shower, fridge, freez...
6 beds5800 SEK/week

Mounatin Cottage Gillersklack Kopparberg

Kopparberg, Bergslagen, Smedjebacken...
Welcome to our cozy 6 bed mountain cottage located on top of Gillersklack, Kopparberg. Cozy all seasons with its charm and tranquil natural environ...
2 + 2 beds3400 - 4200 SEK/week

Vacation home by lake in country setting

Skinnskatteberg, Fagersta
Enjoy nature, water and interesting environments with many historical attractions in an active country environment. You have a great view direct ov...
5 + 3 beds6000 SEK/week

Accomodation with 6 beds in Löa, Kopparberg

Kopparberg, Lindesberg, östra Löa, Löa...
Bergsmansgård built in the 19th century, renovated 2008. Fit for living during the winter, 120 m², i...
10 beds4900 - 8900 SEK/week

Cottage next to lovely lake

Västlanda, Sundänge, Köping, örebro...
Welcome to this lovely cottage next to the lake Västlandasjön! In this calm environment you can rent a cottage that has all the comforts you need ...
4 beds3000 - 4000 SEK/week

Apartment at farm

Västerås, Enköping
Homely apartment in two-family house at the farm Springsta Säteri, 17km from the town Västerås and 20km from Enköping. Newly renovated with two bed...