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5 (16)
Cozy living in the countryside in Kullabygden
6 beds6000 - 9000 SEK/week

Cozy living in the countryside in Kullabygden

Welcome to a newly renovated half-timbered house on a farm in Buskeröd outside Höganäs. The accommod...
Wonderful dwelling near the sea with Pool
2 + 2 beds8000 SEK/week

Wonderful dwelling near the sea with Pool

Höganäs, Kullabygden
Fantastic dwelling near the sea and the city centre. Newly built small house with swimming pool and a wonderful and private garden with several pat...
Nice cottage in Strandbaden by the sea at Öresund
6 beds5000 - 8500 SEK/week

Nice cottage in Strandbaden by the sea at Öresund

Helsingborg, Viken, Höganäs, Strandbaden...
Beautiful summercottage with free seaview and bath directly at Öresund. The cottage, 90 sqm, with k...
5 (8)
Modern style cottage in Stubbarp, Arild
8 beds7500 SEK/week

Modern style cottage in Stubbarp, Arild

Höganäs, Arild
Modern cottage on two levels with kitchen, bathroom, patio in Arild, near Arild's winery. Ground flo...
5 (4)
5 beds9000 - 11000 SEK/week

Cosy living in Kullabygden

Lerberget, Höganäs, Kullabygden
In wonderful Gamla Lerberget you will find this cozy accommodation located 400 meters from Lerberget...
5 (6)
6 + 1 beds11000 - 13000 SEK/week

Villa Olympia

New built lovely house of 130 square meters in the center of Höganäs. Here you got a good starting p...
5 (3)
7 + 1 beds2000 - 2500 SEK/night

Guest apartment on horse farm

Partly newly built apartment above a horse stable. Fully equipped kitchen for 8 people. We have hors...
5 (5)
2 beds800 - 1200 SEK/night

A fantastic little newly built cottage near the se

Höganäs, Kullaberg, Helsingborg, Mölle, Arild
Here you are welcome to rent a newly built small cottage, 11 m2, in a quiet area in the southern par...
5 (8)
5 + 3 beds10000 - 18000 SEK/week

Spacious house in the heart of Mölle, large garden

Mölle, Höganäs
150 squaremeter detached house with large garden in the heart of Mölle. The house consist of 3 bedro...
4 (1)
6 + 2 beds10000 - 12000 SEK/week

Cosy house in Mölle by the sea

Mölle, Höganäs, Arild, Helsingborg, ängelholm...
Cozy house with plenty of room and a private garden. Good location with easy parking, including cha...
6 + 1 beds7800 SEK/week

Excellent standard, 200m from the sea!

Jonstorp, Höganäs, Kullabygden, Svanshall
Newly renovated, amazing summer house in Jonstorp. Kitchen is beautiful with stainless steel applia...
4 beds7000 - 9000 SEK/week

Renovated small house in picturesque area

Höganäs, Helsingborg
Totally renovated small house in the typical Höganäs style. Situated in the old area above the harbo...
5 beds6500 SEK/week

Charming farm wing in Kullabygden

Höganäs, Kullabygden, Helsingborg, ängelholm
The Gårdslängan is a part of a charming horse farm outside of Höganäs. It is imbedded in lush and ...
6 + 1 beds4500 - 7500 SEK/week

Charming solitude close to Kullaberg

Nyhamnsläge, Arild, Strandbaden, Kullaberg...
Sunny and roomy cottage in the typical Scanian style with a great green garden perfect for families....
8 beds10000 - 20000 SEK/week

Spend time in house on the reef with ocean view

Skäret, Arild, Höganäs, Mölle, Helsingborg...
Spend your vacation in beautifully situated house on the reef. 130m2 resident building and guest house 35m2. Perfect for two families to celebrate...
5 + 1 beds6000 - 13500 SEK/week

Arild, Lilla vägen 58

Arild, Kattegattleden, Lilla Vägen 58
Newly renovated farm with forebears from the end of the 18th century in the middle of the wine yards...
3 beds3000 - 5700 SEK/week

Cute cottage next to farm near beaches and Kullen

Strandbaden, Nyhamnsläge, Kullaberg, Kullen...
Cottage 2 + 1 beds in Strandbaden, Nyhamnsläge, Kullaberg, Kullen, Höganäs, Skåne. Great location, ...
4 beds3500 - 6200 SEK/week

Cottage on the fields near Arild, Mölle, Kullaberg

Nyhamnsläge, Brunnby, Arild, Kullaberg...
This cottage is in total two small houses, all in all 45 square metres. They offer a living room, b...
2 + 2 beds5500 - 7000 SEK/week

Warm welcome to Kullahalvön, Höganäs and Skåne!

Kullabygden, Höganäs, ängelholm, Helsingborg...
Warm welcome to our cozy idyll Hässlebo, the Kulla Peninsula, about 1 km from the sea. Here you stay in our fresh guest cabin, of 40 sqm. The cotta...
5 + 2 beds4500 - 5500 SEK/week

Near the Sea cottage

Jonstorp, Kullahalvön, Höganäs, ängelholm...
Lovely cottage in picturesque area, fully equipped with washing machine, patio furniture, barbecue, ...
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