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Croft with sandy beach and wooden heated sauna
11 beds9900 - 16500 SEK/week

Croft with sandy beach and wooden heated sauna

Askersund, örebro, Laxå, Hallsberg, Kumla
Situated in a genuine croft environment you will find this top renovated lakeside crofter's cottage ...
5 (4)
Sörängen Tived
5 beds6000 - 8000 SEK/week

Sörängen Tived

Askersund, Sannerud, Laxå
Farmhouse in scenic Tiveden, old-fashioned house located on the edge of the national park and all it...
5 (3)
Seclusive position with your own lake in Tiveden!
5 + 2 beds

Seclusive position with your own lake in Tiveden!

Askersund, Laxå, örebro, Tiveden, Närke
Let our lovely cottage in beautiful Tiveden in southern Närke, 40 km south of Örebro. The cottage w...
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Cosy cottage in peaceful location
2 + 2 beds3500 - 5000 SEK/week

Cosy cottage in peaceful location

Hallsberg, Askersund, örebro, Tiveden, Laxå
The cottage accommodates one double bed at the loft. On the ground floor there is a sofa bed for two...
5 (4)
2 beds2700 - 3900 SEK/week

Summer house by lake Östra Laxsjön

Askersund, Laxå, Tiveden
More photos: Summer house for 2 people only 20 metres from lake Östra Laxsjön. Situated in ...
15 + 3 beds5600 - 6200 SEK/week

Welcome to Brännebackens Farm

In August 2006 we opened our farm Brännebacken for interested tourists who wanted to try out to live...
2 + 2 beds2600 SEK/week

Cabin in Mariestad

Mariestad, Leksberg
Holiday home in Mariestad House in the garden of the host. Located in Leksberg, 2,5 km from the ce...
5 (7)
6 beds3000 - 4600 SEK/week


Undenäs, Karlsborg, Tiveden
Lonely placed near alot of lakes in a district with a rich flora and fauna. In a near distance to th...
4 + 2 beds2800 - 4000 SEK/week


Undenäs, Karlsborg, Tiveden
A lonely placed vacation cottage, not so long from Göta Kanal and Tivedens Nationalpark. 4 beds upstairs in loft/ bedroom. 3 beds in the guisthouse...
4 beds4000 - 6000 SEK/week

Summer cottage by lake

Askersund, Laxå, Tived, Tiveden
Summer house for 4 people only 40 metres from lake Östra Laxsjön. Situated in the region "Närke" between the two towns Askersund (about 12 km from...
5 (13)
6 + 1 beds3900 - 4900 SEK/week

Sommerhouse at lake Vänern

Karlstad, Kristinehamn, ölme
Cozy cottage just 300 meters from lake Vänern and nice beach with sand and cliffs. A small path lead...
7 + 2 beds7500 - 12000 SEK/week

New summerhouse close to the sea

Mariestad, Torsö
Summerhouse on the island Torsö in the lake Vänern. The main building has three bedrooms, kitchen, table with room for 10-12 persons, sofas, a larg...
8 + 2 beds7500 - 12000 SEK/week

Log cabin with private beach

Tiveden, Askersund, Laxå, Motala, örebro
Large beautiful log home at the small lake Östersjön in Tiveden, 10km to Askersund. Quietly located with private beach, pier, raft, boat, canoe and...
6 + 4 beds7000 SEK/week

Lovely cottage beside Lake Vänern

Gullspång, Mariestad, Kristinehamn
Lovely cottage with good standard, 50 meters from the water. Family friendly garden with access to swing, sandbox and playhouse and 50 meters to t...
4 beds3500 - 5700 SEK/week

Summer cottage by lake

Askersund, Tived, Laxå, örebro
More photos on Summer cottage for 4 people, 40metres from your own beach by lake Östra Laxsjö...
9 beds13000 - 15000 SEK/week

Summer cottage Gota Kanal, Vänern, Mariestad

Sjötorp, Göta, Kanal, Vänern, Mariestad
Nearby Göta kanal, in Sjötorp, one of the most beautiful and well-known tourist destinations in Vänern you will find this house from 1914. The hous...
5 (8)
2 + 4 beds3900 SEK/week

Countryside cottage in Värmland Kristinehamn Långe

Kristinehamn, Långerud
Ground floor: One bedroom with two berths, living room, kitchen and WC with a shower. First floor: ...
6 + 2 beds5500 - 7500 SEK/week

Accommodation with 8 beds to let in Finnerödja, Ti

Finnerödja, Tiveden
The log cabin is situated in secluded surrounding with the forrest and open fields just outside the house. The cabin is within walking distance to ...
5 (1)
3 + 2 beds4500 SEK/week

Summer paradise by lake Skagern

Rudskoga, Kristinehamn, Karlstad
Welcome to our summer paradise with large garden and lakeside location. 3 room and kitchen, 70 sq...
2 + 2 beds4500 SEK/week

Cottage at the coast of Vänern

Sjötorp, Vänern
The house has one room with two beds, kitchen and bathroom. Two additional beds is available in an annex. You have your own beach and can watch the...
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