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Cottage with absolute waterfront and jetty
6 beds7000 - 8000 SEK/week

Cottage with absolute waterfront and jetty

Oskarshamn, Sörvik
The wonderful cottage is newly renovated, light and airy and has an amazing location on the Baltic s...
Cottage by the sea
2 + 2 beds3800 - 4800 SEK/week

Cottage by the sea

The cottage is situated about 6,5 km north of Oskarshamn and seats 4 persons. You get access to the patio with a charcoal grill, our private swimmi...
Cottage on a dairy farm with cows and calves
3 + 2 beds3500 SEK/week

Cottage on a dairy farm with cows and calves

Figeholm, Misterhult, Oskarshamn, Västervik
"Lillstugan" means the little cottage and is situated on the farm Skurö Gård, which is a dairy farm with cows and calves. It is two kilometers to t...
Cottage close to lake calm area and beautiful surr
6 beds4900 SEK/week

Cottage close to lake calm area and beautiful surr

Oskarshamn, Vimmerby
Cottage 120 m2 close to lake 3 bedrooms with 6 beds. Fishing and boat. WC, shower, fireplace, kitchen, livingroom, washmachine and dishmachine ref...
6 beds5500 - 7000 SEK/week

Misterhult’s Archipelago, Västervik

Nice timbered house with the best location at Adriansnäs in Oskarshamn’s county. View towards the marina and Sea bay. 75 metres from the water. Clo...
9 + 2 beds5000 - 7500 SEK/week

Lovely house with sea view

Figeholm, Oskarshamn, Uthammar
Well-cared seaside single-storey house for secondary residence or all year round dwelling, situated in beautiful Uthammar in Misterhult’s archipela...
6 beds5300 - 7300 SEK/week

Misterhult archipelago, Västervik

Adriansnäs, Grönviksvägen
Lovely big house in the Misterhult archipelago, situated in Adriansnäs rekreation and holiday home a...
4 beds3500 SEK/week

Small house on the swedish countryside

Röstorp, Kristdala, Oskarshamn, Vimmerby
Small house in an old village. Near Astrid Lindgrens world (Vimmerby 40 km), 30 km to Oskarshamn and...
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5 + 1 beds4900 SEK/week

Cottage near lake, calm area without car traffic

Kristdala, Oskarshamn, Vimmerby
Cottage 110m2, near lake with small extra house (1-2 extra beds) situated in an area of great natu...
4 beds3200 - 5300 SEK/week

Stuga i Småland vid havet

Figeholm, Oskarshamn, Uthammar
Ett ljust och trevligt fritidshus i Figeholm 300 m från strand, 25 km norr om Oskarshamn och 6 mil söder om Västervik, ja, det är Mastvägen 3. H...
6 beds5500 SEK/week

Stugor med havstomt

Figeholm, Oskarshamn
Stuga belägen alldeles intill havet med egen havsvik, utan grannar. Det är 2 km in till samhället, där affär och restaurang finns. En underbar plat...
6 beds

Nyrenoverad stuga 6 bäddar vid havet i Oskarshamn

Oskarshamn, Kalmar
På Facebook - @StuganvidhavetOhamn Stugan ligger i ett stugområde vid havet i Oskarshamn, First Camp Gunnarsö och du har havet precis utanför dörr...
6 + 2 beds6000 - 6500 SEK/week

nyrenovrad stuga vid sjö

The house is situated 1,5 km to nearest neighbour,You can also live in the house is dishwaser,wash...
6 beds5250 - 6500 SEK/week

Adriansnäs Misterhults skärgård

Adriansnäs Västervik Oskarshamn
Mysig stuga i Adriansnäs, Oskarshamns kommun. Lugnt läge, ca 300m från havet, båtbryggan, mindre badplats för äldre. ca 1 km till badplats med sand...