Cottages / Cabins / Apartments / Villas in Ljungby


5 (2)
6 beds10000 SEK/week

Cottage by Lake Bolmen

Ljungby, Halmstad, Smaland, Småland, Halland...
Lovely holiday house with own seaside and sandy beach at Lake Bolmen in Småland. Great for fishing a...
8 beds1100 SEK/week

Rooms for rent - self catering

Odensjö, Lidhult
Strandhem has three double rooms and two single rooms with shared kitchen, living room and bathrooms. All rooms are on the first floor. There is a...
8 beds6500 - 15500 SEK/week

Charming cottage at Bolmsö

This cottage is privately located by Lake Bolmen. Lake Bolmen is Sweden´s 10th largest lake and famous for its good fishing of zander and pike. Pri...
5 + 1 beds2700 - 5200 SEK/week

Snug cottage with good fishing possibilities

Dörarp, Lagan, Ljungby, Vidöstern, Flåren...
A snug cottage privately located with a boat and jetty 1,500 metres from Lake Vidöstern. Swimming spot 1,500 metres. Air heat pump available for he...
7 beds3200 - 4200 SEK/week

Peaceful cottage located in the forest

älmhult, Högelid, Pjätteryd
Ikea department store and an Ikea museum available in Älmhult circa 15km. Elinge moose park circa 15km. Moose safari in Markaryd 25km. If you are l...
2 + 2 beds4250 SEK/week

Cozy cottage near the lake Unnen

Unnebäcksås, Nära, Unnaryd
The cottage is located in a nice and quiet surrounding. Close to nature. From the cottage is it about 150 meters to the nearest small beach and boa...
5 + 1 beds4500 - 6000 SEK/week

Lakeside Småland cottage, Tjärbacken

älmhult, Pjätteryd, Tjärbacken
Private cottage by lake Skeppshultssjön. Cottage adapted for the disabled in Småland, just 100 metres from the lake. Four rooms and kitchen with fi...
6 + 1 beds4500 - 6000 SEK/week

Modern cottage by lake, Björnsboda.

älmhult, Pjätteryd
Genuine Småland cottage just 400 metres from Lake Skeppshultssjön. Kitchen and all-purpose room in an open planning together with three bedrooms. A...
11 + 4 beds11000 - 12500 SEK/week

Sjöfållan - Lake paradise

Agunnaryd, Ljungby
Sjöfållan is surrounded by beautiful nature and perfect for canoe and boat excursions, fishing, swimming, forest hikes and picking berries and mush...
4 + 2 beds3600 - 4800 SEK/week

Charming cottage by the lake Bolmen

Sunnaryd, Värnamo, Jönköping
Cozy red cottage on a farm about 75 meters from Swedens tenth largest lake, Bolmen. Possibilities for swimming, fishing and mushroom picking are be...
7 + 1 beds5000 - 6000 SEK/week

Cottage by Lake Bolmen nv.beach in Småland

Värnamo, Gislaved, Ljungby, Hylte, Jönköping...
Store Sten är en gård som ligger vid sjön Bolmens nordvästra strand och tillhör byn Svanaholm. Store Sten ligger i Gislaveds kommun i Småland. ...
4 beds3500 - 4800 SEK/week

Cozy cabin (4 beds) near lake. Unnebäcksås, Sweden

Unnebäcksås, Unnaryd
# easy & relaxing # near the lake # living countryside COSY CABIN Rent our cozy cabin in Unnebäcksås with the lake and the forest around the hous...
Acommodation with 8 beds in Almesjö for rent.
8 + 2 beds6500 - 8000 SEK/week

Acommodation with 8 beds in Almesjö for rent.

Almesjö, Unnaryd, Bolmen, Hyltebruk, Ljungby
Almesjö farm is located on the border between the counties of Halland and Skåne. The accommodation has got 4 bedrooms, and big open plan living are...
Unique croft with orientation by nature. Attabacken.
2 beds3000 SEK/week

Unique croft with orientation by nature. Attabacken.

Pjätteryd, älmhult
Old service croft, NO ELECTRICITY with private dwell on the ground plot. 1 room and a kitchen with two berths in sofa bed. Wood stove, open firepla...
Unique and genuine 18th century house. Stackudden.
8 beds4000 SEK/week

Unique and genuine 18th century house. Stackudden.

Pjätteryd, älmhult
Unique house at private location. Buildings from Carl von Linnés’ time, NO ELECTRICITY, private dwell on the ground plot. 1 room and a kitchen with...
Cosy log cottage near lake Bolmen
4 beds1500 SEK/week

Cosy log cottage near lake Bolmen

Odensjö, Lidhult, Ljungby
The Dalastuga is a cosy, little log cottage with a small kitchen and a larger room with 4 beds, fireplace and eating area. The cottage is not elect...