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Live 100 meters from the sea.
6 beds13500 SEK/week

Live 100 meters from the sea.

Kungälv, Marstrand, Göteborg, Västkusten
Weekly rental. The house is located by the Marstrandfjord with views of, among others, Brattön, Instön and Marstrand. It is located in a summer c...
New holiday home on the West Coast of Sweden
8 beds2850 SEK/night

New holiday home on the West Coast of Sweden

Tjörn, Bleket, Klädesholmen
BOCKHOLMEN SEA LODGE Our exclusive location and surroundings are unique! Enjoy our beautiful ocean and its islets and rocks. There are activitie...
5 (28)
Modern villa with panoramic view!
7 beds15500 - 21500 SEK/week

Modern villa with panoramic view!

Västkusten, Kungälv, Marstrand, Göteborg...
Stunningly view to the west sea and Carlstens Fortress - high and undisturbed area. We offer a uni...
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Holiday house on the Swedish west coast
6 beds

Holiday house on the Swedish west coast

Tjörn, Bleket, Klädesholmen, Bohuslän...
On the Swedish West Coast, a classic Swedish wooden house, built on a 1519m2 private property at the...
4 + 1 beds6990 - 9990 SEK/week

Closer to the sea - on Orust!

Bohuslän, Tjörn, Rösselvik
"500 meters to sea baths and sun-warmed cliffs!" - Fresh cottage - Lovely large terrace - 4 + 1 beds - Cute sleeping loft - 500 meters to natural s...
4 + 6 beds12900 - 17500 SEK/week

Villa by the sea

Klädesholmen, Tjörn, Bohuslän, Västkusten
Welcome to this classic fisherman's house on idyllic Klädesholmen! Klädesholmen is the last outpost towards the sea in the west, and in the area t...
4 + 2 beds4500 - 5500 SEK/week

Your own cottage in Tjuvkil close to Marstrand

Göteborg, Kungälv, Tjuvkil, Marstrand...
A popular summerhouse close to the ocean with the nature just around the corner. With a 5-10 minutes walking distance you will found a children-fri...
5 + 4 beds6000 - 11500 SEK/week

modern summerhouse with seaview

Instön, Marstrand, Bohuslän
Good location to experience the west coast especially Bohuslän. Outings Kungälv Marstrand , Tofta , ...