Cottages / Cabins / Apartments / Villas in Alvesta


5 beds4700 - 6800 SEK/week

Homely cottage by Lake Helgasjön

Växjö, åby, Tjureda
Cottage with spacious patio right next to Lake Helgasjön, nicely located at the peninsula. We have s...
2 + 2 beds3500 - 4000 SEK/week

The summer-cottage "Lekanders"

Vislanda, Växjö
Cottage near Vislanda in Småland, at the edge of the wood. To lent weekly privatly. he cottage is about 4 km from Vislanda, where you can find sup...
4 + 2 beds8800 - 10300 SEK/week

Lake Åsnen - motorboat

Växjö, Hulevik
By lake Åsnen. 35km to Växjö and Alvesta, 20km to Vislanda Nearest villages areTorne and Grimslöv, offering among other a foodshop, petrolstation, ...
4 + 1 beds2500 - 4000 SEK/week

Cozy cottage close to the center of Vaxjo

Växjö, Skir
Cottage in beautiful surroundings, 6 km south of Vaxjo center and 1000 m to a nice lake where you can go swimming. The cottage is modern and well ...
11 + 4 beds11000 - 12500 SEK/week

Sjöfållan - Lake paradise

Agunnaryd, Ljungby
Sjöfållan is surrounded by beautiful nature and perfect for canoe and boat excursions, fishing, swimming, forest hikes and picking berries and mush...
5 (9)
8 + 2 beds8000 - 12000 SEK/week

Extraordinare vacationhome in the heart of Småland

Växjö, Kalmar, Jönköping, Halmstad
Do you want to explore the south of Sweden? Well then, this is definately where you would want to be...
2 + 2 beds3000 - 3800 SEK/week

Holiday home, Fish Cottage

Tolg, Växjö
Nice holiday cottage with cosy terrace in scenic Tolg. 2 rooms and kitchen, 4 beds, bedroom with two beds, living room with sofa bed, baby cot, fir...
5 + 1 beds6900 SEK/week

Summer house with motorboat near lake Åsnen

Kalvsvik, Växjö
Situated in a quiet area and lake Åsnen only 150m distance. Perfect for families and couples. The cottage offers 2 bedrooms, one with 1 doublebed ...
4 beds3500 - 3900 SEK/week

Traditional countryside livin

Rydaholm, Värnamo
2019-07-30/Clas Tollin Welcome dear guests! Some rules of conduct House The house has natural draft ventilation via chimneys and valves. T...
6 + 1 beds6500 SEK/week

Lakeside Lakeside house on the countryside

Växjö, åby, Lerike
Welcome to our house on the countryside, 100 mts from Lake Helgasjön. Spacious country kitchen, all-purpose room, conservatory, bathroom with showe...
2 + 2 beds3500 - 5000 SEK/week

Cozy cottage near the forest with swimming pond.

Grimslöv, Växjö, Alvesta, älmhult
Our cozy cottage is beautifully situated on our small farm in the middle of the Småland forest. The forest is located right around the corner for w...
5 beds4000 - 5800 SEK/week


Växjö, Småland
Wonderful view over lake Tofta with peace and quiet. 75 meter to the lake where you can go swimming or fishing. Access to boat and canoe. Wonderf...
Cottage London
4 beds2000 - 2500 SEK/week

Cottage London

34152, Lagan
19th century cottage in the middle of the Småland meadows. Often with grazing cows and calves outsid...
Spacious farmhouse overlooking Lake Åsnen
8 + 2 beds8500 - 9900 SEK/week

Spacious farmhouse overlooking Lake Åsnen

Huseby, Torne, Växjö
This welcoming farmhouse, which has a lovely large garden, surrounded by pastures with grazing horses and cows. It is located in a beautiful vill...
Welcom to Strandhem
8 beds7000 - 9500 SEK/week

Welcom to Strandhem

Värnamo, Gällaryd, Bor
Welcom to live with the lakeside as your neighbour! This cottage is approx 17km south east of the c...
Wonderful setting by the lake and private forest
5 + 1 beds5500 SEK/week

Wonderful setting by the lake and private forest

Lammhult, Växjö, Alvesta, Berg, Moheda
Spacious lawns, a peaceful lake with a boat and bridge of your own, the smell of the forest in dawn and a swing in the old oak - that is Boanäs in...