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Cottage in Tidaholm
2 + 1 beds3900 SEK/week

Cottage in Tidaholm

Tidaholm, Hökensås
In the middle of pleasant Tidaholm is this newly renovated cottage. The cottage has a south-facing ...
5 (2)
Summer cottage by Lake Vättern/Hökensås
2 + 2 beds4500 - 5800 SEK/week

Summer cottage by Lake Vättern/Hökensås

Habo, Hökensås, 4, Mil, Till, Jönköping...
The cottage is situated just south of Brandstorp in Hökensås about 40km north of Jönköping, on Lak...
Cottage with stunning Vätter view
6 beds2500 - 5000 SEK/week

Cottage with stunning Vätter view

Gränna, Uppgränna
Cottage situated in beautiful Uppgränna, 4,5km north of Gränna. (25 minutes from Elmiamässan) The cottage is equipped with four berths, shower and...
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Lake cabin Fröman's Bridge
4 beds6500 SEK/week

Lake cabin Fröman's Bridge

Trädet, Ulricehamn, Falköping, Borås...
Two steps to the water, seclusion, comfort and some luxury on top. Lake cabin Fröman's Bridge has a ...
5 (3)
8 + 1 beds6500 SEK/week

Newly renovated 19th century farm

Suntak, Tidaholm
Accomodation in two houses with 8 + 1 beds available for rent in the parish of Suntak, Västra Götala...
2 + 2 beds2500 SEK/week

Cottage in Brandstorp

Brandstorp, Habo, Hjo
Lake wiew, Forrest, Garden, Bathlake Directions: road 195 from Jönköping  in direktion Hjo 45km, turn left in Brandstorp for 1km. Turn left befor ...
6 beds4000 SEK/week

Baggekvarn – old mill environment by river Ätran

Falköping, åsarp, Ulricehamn
Scenically situated with two smaller ponds on the grounds together with the streamy Ätran neighbouring the house. Beautiful river delta. Baggekvar...
5 (3)
2 + 2 beds3500 SEK/week

Cottage in the countryside near the lake Vättern

Hjo, Hökensås, Tidaholm, Brandstorp
Cottage 18 km south of Hjo. The cottage is situated in the countryside in beautiful surroundings wit...
5 (1)
2 + 2 beds

Room in Farm house on the country side

Gränna, Jönköping
Room in Farm house near the beautiful Röttle, close to animals and nature. Four beds consisting of a...
5 (27)
4 + 2 beds4000 - 5000 SEK/week

Countryside cottage

Mullsjö, Knaggebo, Habo, Jönköping
WELCOME to stay in our renovated little cottage on an active agricultural community. At the farm th...
4 beds5500 SEK/week

Superb location in Gränna

With this superb location you can experience both the town Gränna and the close island Visingsö. Rent our three room apartment in the cobbler’s ...
5 + 2 beds5500 SEK/week

Cabin in beatiful Ingeryd, near Gränna, Jönköping

Ingeryd, Gränna, Jönköping
25 min to Jönköping, Elmia, 15 min to Gränna and 10 min to Bunn. Go on a walk in the Woods, enjoy the view from the balcony and barbecue, take t...
9 + 2 beds5500 - 6900 SEK/week

House at the lake Stråken (Rud)

Bottnaryd, Jönköping, Rud
Very well maintained house located right next to the lake Ståken in Rud, 3 km from Bottnaryd and 20 km from Jönköping. One bedroom with double bed...
5 (5)
10 + 2 beds3000 - 4500 SEK/week

Spacious house with table tennis, sauna and Swedis

Tidaholm, Hjo, Skövde
Nice house for relaxation and activities. Experience the tranquillity on the country side in a spaci...
10 beds7000 - 15000 SEK/week

Manor wing on a 1700 century manor

Mullsjö, Jönköping, Bjurbäck
Unique accommodation in the manor wing in the 1700s farm in West Götaland, on the border of Småland....
2 + 2 beds2000 SEK/week

Cabin near Hökensås fishingarea

Brandstorp, Habo
The cabin is situated on a small hill in the middle of a farm. You hav a Beautiful vue of lake Vättern. Thera are godd opportunities for Walking an...
6 + 2 beds

Cottage built 2016 with carport

Mullsjö, Nyhem
Cottage rented both day, weekend and week. Built 2016 Combined kitchen and large cottage. Close to various winter activities like Mullsjö Alpin 11 ...
4 + 1 beds5000 SEK/week

Homely newly renovated countryside timber cottage

ölmstad, Gränna, Jönköping
Scenic and cosy timber cottage, rural and peacefully located of 53m². Complete kitchen, lounge with a sofa bed, bedroom with a double bed and with ...
4 + 1 beds4900 SEK/week

Cottage 13km south of Hjo

Hjo, Tidaholm
Cottage with 4 berths with fantastic view over Lake Vättern to let. Bedroom with two single beds, living room with bunk bed, spare bed available. K...
5 (6)
4 beds4500 - 5000 SEK/week

Cottage directly by Vättern with fantastic views

Habo, Jönköping, Bankeryd, Mullsjö, Hjo
We rent a nice guest cottage with 4 beds right by Vättern. The bedroom has 2 single beds, which can ...
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