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Holmsvik - cosy little house near Mönsterås bay
4 + 1 beds5800 - 9000 SEK/week

Holmsvik - cosy little house near Mönsterås bay

Mönsterås, Kalmar, öland
Holmsvik is a cosy accommodation only 100 m from the sea. On two sides the house is surrounded by fo...
5 (4)
Oknö - The pearl of the Baltic Sea
6 + 2 beds7952 - 9659 SEK/week

Oknö - The pearl of the Baltic Sea

Oknö, Mönsterås
Welcome to Oknö and to Seglarvägen 18 , which is about 30 minutes drive from either Kalmar or Oskar...
The skerries of the East Coast,
9 beds

The skerries of the East Coast,

Kalmar, Mönsterås, Oskarshamn, Pataholm
Possible to rent several weeks. About 30 kilometers north of Kalmar, are the destination for this holiday home which is located a bit outside the l...
4 (1)
Cabin with exclusive location for rent
4 + 2 beds5000 - 8000 SEK/week

Cabin with exclusive location for rent

Mönsterås, Kalmar
Very nice cabin with exclusive location in Mönsterås archipelago, for rent weekly or by appointment....
6 + 3 beds

Villa Saltkråkan - Great vacations with ocean view

Oknö, Mönsterås
Villa Saltkråkan Baltic Sea+pool+sauna+boat+open fireplace Spend wonderful days directly at the Baltic Sea. Now in July and August and then in late...
5 (6)
5 beds6500 - 7500 SEK/week

Beachfront summer residence in Timmernabben

Småland, Timmernabben, Mönsterås, Kalmar Län...
A strawberry spot in the wonderful Timmernabben. Beachfront winter house approx. 100 meters from the...
4 beds3500 - 4200 SEK/week

Cabin beside Emån river in Småland

Fliseryd, Nära, Mönsterås, Och, Oskarshamn, I...
Cabin at a farm in Fliseryd beside Emån river. Close to fishing in Emån, exiting surroundings, near...
8 + 1 beds7500 SEK/week

Cottage with closeness to forest & bath

Högsby, Värlebo, Mönsterås, Ruda
Cottage with large ground plot at the outskirts of Värlebo. Kitchen and bathroom together with a decorated second floor with an open and bright pl...
8 beds7500 - 15000 SEK/week

House close to Baltic Sea (Killingeholm,Mönsterås)

Mönsterås, Oknö, Småland, Kalmar, Oskarshamn
We rent out our house (93 square metres) at Killingeholm, a peninsula outside Mönsterås at the coast of Småland. The house is suitable for all-year...
4 + 1 beds4000 SEK/week

Cottage in Timmernabben

Timmernabben, Mönsterås, ålem
Seaside cottage circa 100 mts from the Baltic Sea. Mixed habitation with both residents and summer guests. Near nature and forest areas for lovely ...
8 + 1 beds9500 SEK/week

9 beds. Nice patio. Beauty in nature. Near the sea

Pataholm, Kalmar, Mönsterås, Oskarshamn
Perfect for business people. Fresh holiday house, built -89 with a lovely, large and sunny patio. T...
4 + 1 beds5400 - 6400 SEK/week

Cozy cottage with sea glimpse

Mönsterås, Oskarshamn, Kalmar, Småland
The cottage Spånvik is located in beautiful environment in Mönsterås archipelago with the sea and it...
6 beds6500 - 10500 SEK/week

Refurnished and comfortable house with wifi

Korpemåla, Patamalm, Mönsterås, Kalmar
FIND TRUE PEACE AND RELAXATION ON THE SOUTH EAST COAST OF SWEDEN! Renovated, tastefully furnished and fully equipped house in minimalistic Scandin...
6 beds8800 - 12000 SEK/week

Strandvik - fantastic house with sea view

Mönsterås, öland
Strandvik is a fantastic place to be, you live in a house which has a terrific view. The coast of the Mönsterås bay is only 20 m away! In the livi...
4 (1)
10 + 1 beds8000 SEK/week

Idyllic island cottage in 'God's Småland'

Kalmar, Mönsterås, Oskarshamns, Vimmerby
Norregård is situated in the small village of Lövö on the island nature reserve with the same name. ...
5 (5)
6 + 2 beds9600 - 12750 SEK/week

Änglavik - stuga för hela familjen på härliga Oknö

Mönsterås, Oknö, Kalmar, öland
På underbara Oknö ligger Änglavik, ett ganska typiskt Oknötomt med tallar och havsglimt. Stugan li...
5 (6)
2 + 3 beds6000 - 9000 SEK/week

Renoverat fritidshus nära mysiga Pataholm/Kalmar

Patamalm, Pataholm, Mönsterås, Kalmar, öland
I Småland i mysiga byn Patamalm ligger detta nyrenoverade sommarhus. På promenadavstånd finns havet,...
5 (4)
10 beds4800 - 5800 SEK/week

Sommarhus med gäststuga i Timmernabben

Timmernabben, Mönsterås
Genuint vinterbonat sommarhus med sex bäddar i närhet till bad (200m), lekplats, minigolf och kanotu...
4 (3)
6 + 4 beds8000 - 10000 SEK/week

Mönsterås och Oknö, stuga nära natur och bad

Oknö, Mönsterås
Stuga på natursköna Oknö (Lillön) med nybyggd broförbindelse med fastlandet. Stora stugan har två sk...
5 (1)
5 beds7000 - 8000 SEK/week

Havsnära nybyggda Modern villa uthyres!

Nynäs, Mönsterås
Havsnära nybyggda villa uthyrs till skötsamma och lugnar personer året runt! Hej Alla härliga seme...