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Älvros - Kringelfjorden

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Lovely timber from the 1800s with a lake plot, sauna and boathouse.

The cottage in Älvros has previously been used for work with rafting and timber operations and also as a café during the end of
1800s. The cottage was moved up the ridge about 100 years ago. There are whitefish, perch and some trout. Fishing with fly, angling and
throwing rod is applicable. You can get a lot of perch among the water lilies in Älvros. Kringelfjorden outside Älvros has two
deep furrows, one on each side of the river. In the middle it is shallower and you can row basically everywhere. Proximity to skiing, downhill idrefjäll, cycling and hiking. Shops are located in Idre which is 10 minutes away. Bus both towards Idre and towards Mora with bus stop 50m from the house.

You can shower inside and outside the sauna barrel and swim in the fjord. The sauna is located on the shore, is equipped with water heater and relaxation area and has a completely divine view of the water.

However, electricity and running water are missing drains are available in the cottage for dishwater. Outhouse is located in the outhouse with urine separation, there is also
woodshed. There you can also chop wood, cut logs are on the farm. The cabin is equipped with a 12volts electrical system for lighting where the phone can be charged if necessary. Large terrace is laid out towards the south side, towards the water. The kitchen has a gas stove and an iron stove. In the main room there is a wood-burning stove. Water can be heated in kitchens and living rooms, as well as saunas.

If a boat wants to be rented, this can be arranged life jackets available. Fishing licenses can be purchased in idre

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Price/month 16000 SEK

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  •  Barbeque facilities
  •  Dogs are welcome
  •  Mobile telephone coverage
  •  No smoking indoors
  •  Open fireplace
  •  Outdoor furniture
  •  Outdoor place (terrace etc)
  •  Separate bedrooms
  •  Cooking facilities
 Bathroom facilities
  •  Outhouse toilet
  •  Sauna
  •  Shower
  •  Boat rental
  •  Cross-country skiing
  •  Downhill skiing (snowboard)
  •  Fishing
  •  Hiking trails
  •  Hunting
  •  Outdoor swimming facilities (beach)
  •  Snowmobile driving
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