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Idyllic house by lake Solgen
4 bedden6900 - 8900 SEK/week

Idyllic house by lake Solgen

Eksjö, Vetlanda, Nässjö, Vimmerby, Aneby...
Beautiful location with wonderful view of the lake Solgen! Very nice surroundings with forest roads ...
5 (14)
Cosy cottage with seaview and your own boat
4 bedden5000 - 7000 SEK/week

Cosy cottage with seaview and your own boat

Nässjö, Davidstorp, Malmbäck
Welcome to our cozy cottage with a view of Davidstorpasjön. A wonderful place for you who like fishi...
5 (14)
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11 + 1 bedden4400 - 6600 SEK/week

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Eksjö, Hult, Vimmerby, Nässjö
Miles wide view Living area 110 - 200 + 30 m2 Well-equipped accommodation Sheets INCLUDED The ac...
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Charming cottage in a rural setting
3 + 2 bedden5000 - 6000 SEK/week

Charming cottage in a rural setting

Linköping, åtvidaberg, Björsäter, Grebo...
Welcome to the farm Ytterby which is centrally located in Östergötland, about 20 km southeast of Lin...
4 bedden1200 - 1400 SEK/nacht

Luxurious red cottage with wood stove near lake

Vetlanda, Småland, Växjö, Vimmerby...
Meet our lovely home on the countryside of Småland surrounded by woodland, lakes and rolling hills. A red cottage with all the comfort you need for...
4 + 2 bedden5400 SEK/week

Utsikten (The look-out)

Hycklinge, Vimmerby
Website: Outside of the small village Hycklinge, about 44km from Vimmerby, is this small house located on a hill, with a fantastic...
8 bedden12000 SEK/week

Lakeside, boat, fishing, family vacation in Sweden

Näshult, åseda, Vetlanda, Vimmerby, Eksjö...
Astrid Lindgren's world 65km. Family vacation in Sweden. Hiking the path of our forest. 200 m from t...
5 (7)
6 bedden10000 - 12000 SEK/week

Charming summer house just by the water

Ydre, Torpön, Tranås, Sommen, Småland...
Charming and newly decorated summer cottage right by the beautiful lake Sommen on popular island Tor...
6 bedden4000 - 9000 SEK/week

Cottage by lake in southern Sweden

Vaggeryd, Jönköping, Småland
Website: Weely price 600 € Homepage:
4 + 2 bedden5000 SEK/week

Fågelsången (The Birdsong)

Hycklinge, Vimmerby
Hemsida: Outside the small village Hycklinge, about 44km from Vimmerby, is this house with lovely forest and farmland located. Her...
5 (12)
2 + 2 bedden2500 - 4500 SEK/week

Cozy cottage

Nässjö, Eksjö, Vetlanda
A cozy cottage with open fire, a fully equipped kitchen and a beautiful view of Göl. There are nice ...
4 bedden12500 - 19000 SEK/week

Sea location in west.

Kisa, Vimmerby, åtvidaberg, Rimforsa...
Magical sea location in the west. Fantastic evening sun. Single location without through traffic. Scenic! Year standard. Magical individual locat...
4 (3)
4 + 2 bedden9500 - 11500 SEK/week

Cottage 6 km north of Gränna

Gränna, Jönköping
Charming Cottage with large wooden deck, outdoor jacuzzi and stunning views of Lake Vättern with mag...
4 (3)
5 bedden4500 - 6000 SEK/week

Lake near small cottage with access to boat

Davidstorp 1
Welcome to our cosy, fully renovated, cottage from the 1850s. Beautiful sights overlooking the nearb...
7 + 1 bedden3400 - 6600 SEK/week

Near Astrid Lindgren's World, Vimmerby Lönneberga

Lönneberga, Vimmerby
ASTRID LINDGREN´S WORLD, MODERN COTTAGE available, 100m² 4 room and kitchen, 8 berths + crib bed, highchair, newly renovated bathroom, electric coo...
5 (5)
6 bedden7000 SEK/week

Cosy and charming cottage just by lake Sommen

Cozy and charming summer cottage just by lake Sommen on popular island Torpön. Large garden with fan...
5 (3)
4 + 1 bedden4900 - 6900 SEK/week

Newly refurbished cabin with a nice view

Nässjö, Jönköping, Eksjö
The cabin is located relatively secluded in the end of a small forest road in a nice landscape with ...
5 (2)
6 bedden9500 - 15000 SEK/week

Idyllic timber house by lake in Småland 6+2 berths

Nässjö, Eksjö, Jönköping, Sävsjö
Cozy log house with a double bed, two single beds and a sofa bed for two people. The house is locate...
5 (4)
6 + 2 bedden10500 SEK/week

Completely modernized and spacious apartment

Mariannelund, Karlstorp, Eksjö, Vi, Vimmerby...
Near forest and swimming spot in the outskirts of the village Karlstorp at the Småland highland. Th...
5 (5)
4 + 2 bedden6000 SEK/week

living in the countryside

österbymo, Vimmerby, Eksjö
Rent your own small farm / home in Flodlycka from the 19th century. The farm is located high on the ...
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