Vakantiehuisjes, boerderijtjes, huizen en appartementen in Grövelsjön


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5 (33)
Stay new and fresh in genuine Grövelsjö mountains!
6 bedden7000 - 14000 SEK/week

Stay new and fresh in genuine Grövelsjö mountains!

Grövelsjön, Idre, Storsätern
Welcome to enjoy a comfortable and fresh house in genuine, inspiring and sustainable Grövelsjöfjälle...
5 (19)
Genuine & Modern Cabine in the Grövelsjö-area
10 bedden8000 - 16000 SEK/week

Genuine & Modern Cabine in the Grövelsjö-area

Grövelsjön, Björnliden, Idre
Well planned cabin with traditional Scandinavian charm while having all modern amenities. Newly reno...
5 (36)
Grövelsjön, Ollarsliden
6 bedden4900 - 7000 SEK/week

Grövelsjön, Ollarsliden

Grövelsjön, Ollarsliden, Idre, Storsätern
In the nice area Ollarsliden in snow-safe Storsätern / Grövelsjön there is an apartment for rent in ...
5 (17)
Cosy in Grövelsjöfjällen
4 + 4 bedden1450 - 2000 SEK/nacht

Cosy in Grövelsjöfjällen

Storsätern, Idre, Grövelsjön
A cozy cottage, comfortable and well equipped. The cottage is situated close to Storsätra Fjällhotel...
5 (12)
6 bedden4500 - 8500 SEK/week

Popular & well-equipped cottage

Grövelsjön, Norra Dalarna, Grövelsjöfjällen
Genuine mountain cabin, cosy, well-renovated and allergy-friendly. Very good location, short walking...
5 (6)
6 bedden7700 SEK/week

Mountain hut with a splendid view

Grövelsjön, Idre, Storsätern
Exclusive mountain house with a fantastic views of the Norwegian mountains. Fully modern equipped fo...
7 bedden5000 - 9000 SEK/week

Nice apartment near slalom slope/Grövelfjäll

Grövelsjön, Grövelfjäll
Grövelsjöfjällen is an eldorado for the mountain lover with hiking trails, fishing, ski tracks, alpi...
10 + 1 bedden15000 - 30000 SEK/week

Beautiful mountain lodge with many beds

Grövelsjön, Idre, älvdalen, Grövelfjäll...
Welcome to relax and enjoy in our cozy mountain home. Explore and experience a rich outdoor life with endless opportunities for adventure in Grövel...
6 bedden4000 - 5000 SEK/week

Cozy cottage in Grövelsjöfjällen

Idre, Grövelsjön
Cozy cottage in Grövelsjöfjällen that is cozy embedded in the mountain forest. Here you can almost...
10 bedden4800 - 7900 SEK/week

Cosy cottage in Björnliden

Björnliden, Grövelsjön, Idre
Cosy cottage in beautiful nature, close to cross country skiing, downhill skiing, hiking and fis...
15 bedden4000 - 6000 SEK/week

Cottage to rent in Grovelsjon in northern Dalarna

Grövelsjön, Storsätern
Three fully equipped and modern wilderness cabins right in the middle of mountainous Swedish and Nor...
6 bedden4800 - 6600 SEK/week

Björnliden house/cottage, Grövelsjön

Grövelsjön, Björnliden
Björnliden house/cottage near Grövelsjön in the northen part of Dalarna. Comfortable and well fur...
10 bedden8000 - 18400 SEK/week

Fully equipped mountain cabin, 4 bedrooms, 2 bath

Grövelsjön, Idre
Our cabin was built by our father in 1977, and was renovated in 2007, and holds two families or 10 p...
6 + 1 bedden5000 - 8000 SEK/week

Cosy and comfortable cottage at Lake Grövelsjön

Grövelfjäll, 3, Mil, Norr, Om, Idre
Enjoyable and light cottage with high standards on the interior design, beds, and a well equipped ki...
6 + 4 bedden

Mountain cabin, Björnliden, Grövelsjön

Idre, Björnliden, Grövelsjön
The beginning and the end of beautiful mountain hiking. Two homely timbered cabins and a lovely slog shed located a few metres from the skiing trac...
9 bedden

Björnliden , Grövelsjön

Björnliden, Grövelsjön
Hello, We let a cottage at the wonderful Lake Grövelsjön with nature on your door step. Four rooms ...
8 bedden1500 - 2000 SEK/nacht

Beautiful house in Grövelsjön

Grövelsjön, Idre
Newly built mountain house in secluded location, but close to Storsätra fjällhotell and Fjällbua (th...
5 bedden7700 - 8800 SEK/week

Panorama view within Naturreserve-exclusiv cottage

Grövelsjön, Idre
If you are looking for an cottage in the high mountains with the best view in the area this is the...
4 + 2 bedden3500 - 4100 SEK/week

Mountain cottage "Lilla Fjällbacka"

Idre, Grövelsjön, Grövelsjövägen 428...
Far up north in Dalarna Lake Grövelsjön is situated, it is the door to a large and mighty mountain...
8 bedden6300 SEK/week


Grövelsjön, Storsätern
Apartment with 4 rooms, 8 beds
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