Vakantiehuisjes, boerderijtjes, huizen en appartementen in Västervik


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Sheds centrally
4 + 2 bedden4500 SEK/week

Sheds centrally

Västervik, Styrmansgatan
A small house 35 m2 5 min walk from central town, with pentry and a fourbedsroom and a sofa bed in ...
5 (2)
Island stay at Misterhult’s archipelago
4 bedden6800 SEK/week

Island stay at Misterhult’s archipelago

Misterhults, Skärgård, Västervik, Småland
This dwelling is located at Älö in Misterhult’s nature reserve. The buildings of the island lie to...
5 (1)
Private island in the Västervik archipelago
7 bedden17500 SEK/week

Private island in the Västervik archipelago

Exclusive accommodation on the island of Kalklipporna in the Västervik archipelago where there are t...
5 (15)
Three rooms and a kitchen summer house.
8 bedden

Three rooms and a kitchen summer house.

Västervik, Vimmerby, Visby
Cozy newly renovated modernized cottage in the Västervik archipelago, beautifully situated, with sea...
6 bedden7800 SEK/week

GÄRDSHOLMEN – a genuine archipelago homestead

Edsbruk, Loftahammar, Västervik
Gärdsholmen is one island of about 5000 in the Tjust archipelago, Västervik. It is situated in a long narrow fjord-like bay of the Baltic Sea in a...
5 (1)
8 + 2 bedden6000 - 9000 SEK/week

Cottage by the sea, close to beach and forest

Västervik, Lindödjupsvägen 12
Enjoy beautiful Tjust archipelago, long sandy beach located in a quiet bay. Here you will also find ...
5 (5)
5 + 1 bedden9500 SEK/week

Small charming cottage on an island

Loftahammar, Västervik, Gamleby, Valdemarsvik
On our own island, where our summer house is the only other house, we are renting out a small charmi...
5 (6)
4 + 4 bedden4500 - 6000 SEK/week

Cottage with view in beatiful Gryts archipelag

Valdemarsvik, Västervik, Loftahammar
Newly renovated summerhouse in Kaggebo recreation area in Gryt archipelago which we rent for familie...
7 + 2 bedden12750 SEK/week

Idyllic location, St Anna´s archipelago

Loftahammar, Västervik
Cottage situated at the sea front, surrounded by a nature reserve. Basic standard but fully functional. 7 berths plus a couple of mattresses. Cooke...
4 bedden500 SEK/nacht

Seaside cottage

Blankaholm, Västervik, Vimmerby, Oskarshamn...
Basic dwelling just a few mts from the sea 4 berths, fridge, basic cooker/oven, kitchenware and coffee percolator. Access to service building with ...
5 (3)
12 + 4 bedden14000 SEK/week

Lakeside cottage in Småland for relaxation

Västervik, Vimmerby
It doesn´t get more jovial and picturesque than this. How about a cottage in the middle of Småland´s...
6 bedden5400 - 7400 SEK/week

Misterhult archipelago, Västervik

Adriansnäs, Grönviksvägen
Lovely big house in the Misterhult archipelago, situated in Adriansnäs rekreation and holiday home a...
1 (1)
2 + 4 bedden6800 SEK/week

Attractive dwelling in Misterhult’s archipelago

Misterhults, Skärgård, Småland, Söder, Om...
This dwelling is located at Älö in the nature reserve of Misterhult. The buildings on the island ar...
6 bedden5500 SEK/week

Åttinge an old homestead

Loftahammar, Västervik
an idyllic place for you who wish to stay in an old and genuine, intact farm environment 500 metres ...
4 + 2 bedden6800 SEK/week

Genuine croft in Misterhult’s archipelago

Misterhults, Skärgård, Småland, Söder, Om...
This dwelling is located at Älö in Misterhult’s nature reserve. The buildings of the island lie together in a village along a channel. The hous...
5 + 2 bedden

House on the east coast in Småland

Edsbruk, Västervik
Do you long to woodlands and coastal bays? Come to our house by the east coast of Sweden, right by the bay Syrsan, where the bright pine woods...
6 + 4 bedden9000 SEK/week

Lakeside plot in Västervik archipelago

Västervik, Gunnebo, äskestock
Holiday house on lakeside plot about 26km south of Västervik. The house is located in the archipelago in the area called Äskestock. You will be sta...
5 (3)
4 + 1 bedden5500 SEK/week

Cottage in Tjust archipelago

Loftahammar, Västervik
Stay in Tjust beautiful archipelago in modern cottage built in 2006. Access to sauna and Swedish h...
6 bedden8100 - 13000 SEK/week

Seaside house with nice fishing and close to golf

Västervik, Vimmerby
Sea view with private jetty and boat. Chance to swim and fish and a golf course is only a stone’s throw away. Situated on the shoreline you will fi...
4 + 1 bedden5350 - 7575 SEK/week

Three rooms and a kitchen in Västervik

Västervik, Vimmerby
New Furnished apartment available in Västervik with 3 rooms and a kitchen. Apartment with 4+1 beds to rent in Västervik on the Småland coast. Furt...