Vakantiehuisjes, boerderijtjes, huizen en appartementen in Ronneby (pagina 2)


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Cottage and guest house near sea.
5 + 2 bedden4900 - 5900 SEK/week

Cottage and guest house near sea.

Karlshamn, Rörvik
Dogs and cats and other small pets are welcome. An old-fashioned cottage but yet fairly modern. Beautiful surroundings and a rich wildlife. Near ...
Unique dwelling at Hasslö, Karlskrona archipelago
4 bedden5800 SEK/week

Unique dwelling at Hasslö, Karlskrona archipelago

Hasslö, Karlskrona, Garpahamnen, Blekinge...
A warm-hearted welcome to the newly built Hasslö cabin village. Here you will stay close to nature with the sea as your neighbour you can’t get an...
Holiday - Nättraby
4 + 2 bedden4200 - 4700 SEK/week

Holiday - Nättraby

Nättraby, Karlskrona
Holiday in Blekinge archipelago with beautiful and tranquil surroundings. Not far to Karlskrona with museums and restaurants. From Nättraby and Kar...
 Hasslö, Karlskrona, Blekinge archipelago
3 + 1 bedden3000 - 4000 SEK/week

Hasslö, Karlskrona, Blekinge archipelago

Hasslö, Karlskrona, Blekinge
House on the island Hasslö in between Karlskrona and Ronneby, with bridge to the mainland. The plot is about 3000 square meters with good parking...
2 + 2 bedden3600 - 5000 SEK/week

Båtsmanstorp at "The heart of Blekinge"

Gredeby, Nättraby, Karlskrona
Attentively renovated boat man’s croft, well located both for discovering and relaxation in and outside the area of Blekinge. The croft is situated...
6 bedden8000 - 10000 SEK/week

New house near the sea in the middle of Blekinge

Bökevik, Ronneby, Karlshamn
Newly built house with high standard close to the sea in beautiful Bökevik 10 km west of Ronneby. Large window sections and high ceilings give a be...
2 + 1 bedden6000 SEK/week

Villa Södrastrand - Annex 1

Karlskrona, Blekinge, Kalmar
Cosy room for up to 3 persons. Perfect for you who wish to stay central but near the nature and sea. It is a large room with a pantry (cooker, frid...
3 + 2 bedden7700 SEK/week

Villa Södrastrand - Annex 2

Karlskrona, Blekinge, Kalmar
Cosy summer dwelling. Perfect for you who wish to stay central but close to nature and the sea. Three rooms, which two small bedrooms on the first...
4 + 4 bedden5000 - 7000 SEK/week

A lovely summer house close to golf, sea, bath

Ronneby, Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Sölvesborg
You get everything you wish for here, a cabin with three rooms, kitchen, bathroom with duch and washing machine, glazed porch,air conditioning heat...
4 + 2 bedden3500 SEK/week

Cottage Hasslö/Karlskrona archipelago

Hasslö, Karlskrona, Ronneby
This cottage with two rooms and kitchen is located on Hasslö, one of Karlskrona archipelago´s larger islands. The island has a bridge connection an...
4 + 2 bedden6500 - 8500 SEK/week

Beautiful turn of the century house

S.villagatan 34, Ronneby
Welcome to S.Villagatan 34 Ronneby. A beautiful turn of the century house built in 1906, lovely located by the river Ronnebyån between the centre a...
5 (1)
3 + 2 bedden8000 - 10000 SEK/week

Cosy cabin right by the water

Ronneby, Saxemara
A cosy, small cabin right by the water. There are both a glassed porch and a large balcony overlooki...
2 + 2 bedden4000 - 4500 SEK/week


Nättraby, Karlskrona
Trevlig stuga uthyres! Perfekt läge för att utforska karlskrona, Blekinge och även Öland ( 1 timmes bilfärd från ölandsbron) Skärgårdstrafik finn...
4 + 2 bedden3000 - 4000 SEK/week

Cosy cottage in the archipelago

Ronneby, Karlskrona, Jordö
Privately located cottage at Jordö. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, an all-purpose room, bathroom with shower. Outhouse. The cottage is situated 2km from ...
4 + 1 bedden3500 - 4500 SEK/week

English short description:

Hasslö, Karlskrona
A nice house with 1 bedroom, 1 livingroom and 1 kitchen on the island Hasslö in the archipelago of Karlskrona. The house is situated in a privat...
4 bedden2800 - 3800 SEK/week

Cottage nearby the river Nättrabyån

Karlskrona, Blekinge
Cosy red cottage. High standard inside with new refrigerator, deep-freese, stove, washing-up machine, and separate oven. Spacious bathroom, with ...
4 + 2 bedden5000 - 5800 SEK/week

Charming cottage near the forest and the sea.

Nättraby, Karlskrona
A wonderful cottage which is located a few hundred meters from the sea and a lovely beach. Newly ren...
4 bedden4000 SEK/week

Seaside farm house at Hasslö in archipelago 

Hasslö, Karlskrona
Modern nice farm house, roofed patio. 150 metres from the sea situated at archipelago island with ...
6 + 2 bedden15000 SEK/week

Oceanvilla just by the waterline

Karlskrona, Långö
Overlooking the ocean, this fine house on two levels. At the newly renovated upper level there are ...
3 + 4 bedden4500 - 5000 SEK/week

Charming cottage by the sea, Svalemåla bay

Bräkne, Hoby, Ronneby
At Blekinge archipelago in Svalemåla bay/Gyön, close by the sea and jetty, is this small cozy cottage with a large, beautiful wooden deck on the so...