Vakantiehuisjes, boerderijtjes, huizen en appartementen in Blekinge

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Cottage by golf course and bathing area, Trummenäs
2 + 2 bedden5000 - 6500 SEK/week

Cottage by golf course and bathing area, Trummenäs

Karlskrona, Trummenäs, Ramdala
Cottage by golf course, bathing area and marina, Trummenäs, 2 + 2 beds max 4 people. Holiday home in...
5 (6)
Cozy accommodation in historic Brömsebro, Blekinge
5 bedden4500 - 5000 SEK/week

Cozy accommodation in historic Brömsebro, Blekinge

Brömsebro, Fågelmara, Kristianopel, Torsås...
We rent out our cozy house in the middle of the picturesque and historic village of Brömsebro. Here ...
5 (4)
Summer house with direct access to the sea
8 + 2 bedden9500 - 11900 SEK/week

Summer house with direct access to the sea

Ronneby, Bräkne-Hoby, Karlshamn, Blekinge...
This is the first summer this house is available for rent, therefore we have no no written evaluatio...
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Wonderful Blekinge
6 + 1 bedden5600 SEK/week

Wonderful Blekinge

Skönevik, Ronneby, Saxemara, Bräkne Hoby...
With both woods and meadows, as well as beaches and cliffs, sea and lakes, Blekinge is the perfect s...
8 bedden6500 - 9000 SEK/week

House near the sea and beach with high standard

Ronneby, Listerby, Millegarne
Welcome to a cozy and well-kept holiday home with a year-round standard. Located in the popular Millegarne with its scenic location and a few hundr...
4 + 2 bedden3500 - 6000 SEK/week

Seaside cottage in Senoren/Karlskrona archipelago

Senoren, Karlskrona, Blekinge
Well equipped cottage 90 m2. Four rooms and kitchen. Electric cooker/oven, fridge/freezer, dishwas...
5 (3)
6 bedden14000 SEK/week

Large 3BR seafront house in tranquil setting

Drottningskär, Karlskrona
The house is located just in front of the sea on the western side of the island. Just down from the ...
5 (6)
4 + 2 bedden5000 SEK/week

Older charming cottage

Tving, Karlskrona
Older charming cottage / cabin with modern amenities, renovated 2012th Large beautiful garden witho...
3 + 2 bedden4200 - 6000 SEK/week

Cottage with wonderful sea view

Hasslö, Karlskrona
Welcome to Hasslö in Blekinge archipelago! Here you will find a cottage about 40 metres from the ...
5 (6)
4 + 1 bedden3900 - 4900 SEK/week

Accommodation with 4+1 beds in Kuggeboda, Ronneby

Kuggeboda, Ronneby, Karlskrona, Karlshamn...
Welcome to our newly renovated farm cottage, in idyllic Kuggeboda. Stay in the countryside with anim...
4 (3)
5 + 2 bedden11000 SEK/week

Wonderful cottage in the Ronneby arcipelago

Ronneby, Karlskrona
The best cottage for the family who wants a fantastic archipelago location, 25 m from the sea. A com...
4 (2)
5 + 2 bedden4500 - 8000 SEK/week

Sea wiew in Blekinge, south Sweden

Saxemara, Ronneby
Winterized house on two floors . Municipal water and sewer. Terrace to the south and west . Sea vie...
5 (1)
5 + 1 bedden13000 SEK/week

Fantastic house in Ronneby's archipelago

Ronneby, Karlskrona, Almö, Jordö
The best house for the family who wants wonderful archipelago location in bicycle distance to Blekin...
5 (1)
4 bedden4000 - 7000 SEK/week

Lovely Rosenfors

Olofström, Jämshög, Halen, Mörrum
Charming and well-equipped suits Rosenfors you who want a few days of relaxation but still have the ...
52 bedden5000 - 6750 SEK/week

Svalemåla Stugor Fiske Konferens

Järnavik, Svalemåla
This peaceful and tranquil setting with it’s unspoilt rocky coastline and sandy beach is ideal for sunbathing, swimming or walking. From the sauna...
4 bedden7800 SEK/week

Seaside holiday home at Spjälkö, Ronneby

Ronneby Spjälkö
Seaside holiday home with private jetty. All comforts. Living room with stunning sea view over Ronneby archipelago. The cottage is located at the f...
9 + 2 bedden4000 - 6500 SEK/week

Idyllic house with plenty of space

Ronneby, Bräkne-Hoby, Silpinge, Tubbarp
Idyllic house with plenty of space and with all amenities. Quiet location in the middle of Blekinge. The house is well suited for the large family...
5 (1)
4 + 2 bedden5500 - 7500 SEK/week

Beautiful location

Sölvesborg, Sandviken, Hällevik, Listerlandet
Beautiful cottage 3 minutes walk to long beach.
6 bedden7000 - 9000 SEK/week

New house near the sea in the middle of Blekinge

Bökevik, Ronneby, Karlshamn
Newly built house with high standard close to the sea in beautiful Bökevik 10 km west of Ronneby. Large window sections and high ceilings give a be...
5 + 2 bedden4000 - 5000 SEK/week

Summer house in Hällevik

Hällevik, Sölvesborg
The house is situated on a quiet street right up from the harbor. There are two houses on the site, the one that we let and one that we have at our...