Vakantiehuisjes, boerderijtjes, huizen en appartementen in Nisseviken


4 + 1 bedden4000 - 7000 SEK/week

Sunset over the moor

Burgsvik, Storsudret, Hamra
50 kvm modern house. Annex: Glashouse to dine or relax in. 5 good beds. Natur, kultur and restaurant...
10 + 4 bedden12000 - 19500 SEK/week


Gotland, Burgsvik, Hamra, Sudret, Storsudret
Beautiful limestone house with walking distance to the sea and sandy beach. Walking distance to bistro and bakery, for fresh bread in the morning. ...
4 + 2 bedden5000 - 8000 SEK/week

The Linné house, Vamlingbo Vicarage, Gotland

Vamlingbo Prästgård, Burgsvik
Wing building belonging to the vicarage Vamlingbo Prästgård, from the 18th century. Two double rooms with separate showers, living room and dining ...
8 + 2 bedden8000 - 13500 SEK/week

Spacious farmhouse in beautiful setting, Gotland

Vamlingbo, Burgsvik, Gotland, Sudret...
Spacious house, 150 square metres, dating from late 19th Century, renovated 2012. Peaceful surroundings, away from traffic. Comfortable bicycle r...
4 bedden4000 - 5000 SEK/week

Beautiful stone cabin, on southwest on Gotland

Näs, Södra, Gotland
The house is beautiful situated on an old farm from 1800 century. Well kept farm environment. Carefully renovated 2003. 65 km to Visby. 1 km to th...
4 + 2 bedden4000 - 4500 SEK/week

Restful holiday in rural Gotland

Rone, Hemse
We offer a familiar and comfortable accommodation at great prices. In total there are 5 pieces rooms on double and family rooms all located in the ...
10 + 2 bedden8500 - 18500 SEK/week

House in country idyll on southern Gotland

Eksta, Gotland
Beautiful Gotland’s farm in Eksta the south of Gotland, close to the sea, 1,7 km. The house has da...
2 + 2 bedden3000 SEK/week

Charming cottage on the southwest coast of Gotland

Sproge, Ekstakusten
Notice: Free Wi-fi and DISCOUNT if you book more than one week, see below for prices. Check-in & out...