Vakantiehuisjes, boerderijtjes, huizen en appartementen in Värmdö

2 + 2 bedden14000 SEK/week

Lakeside cottage by Lake Saltsjön 18km from Stockholm. Rowing boat!

Vikingshill, Nacka, Värmdö, Stockholms...
Charming Lakeside cottage next to the of ancient lineage Villa Gustafslund. Built in 1890 as a traditional boathouse, gently renovated in the last yea...
5 bedden13000 SEK/week

Villa Gustafslund lakesida plot towards the south with rowing boat included!

Vikingshil, Saltsjö-Boo, Björkuddsvägen 10
The ground floor of Villa Gustafslund from 1890. 118m² with two bedrooms, spacious dining room, large living room in the middle of the apartment, big ...
4 + 2 bedden7000 - 9000 SEK/week

Wonderful summer dwelling at seaside farm

Värmdö, Boda, Kalvsvik
You are welcome to rent our wing building at Kolviken’s Farm. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet, ...
6 bedden7000 - 10000 SEK/week

A new summer house with a magnificent sea view

Stockholm, Värmdö
An open and generous summer house for a comfortable and peaceful living with three separate bedrooms...
5 (2)
4 + 1 bedden6000 - 8500 SEK/week

Beautiful house near the sea and bus.

Mörtvikens Brygga Ingarö, Värmdö...
A little house in Mörtviken Ingarö in the swedish archipelago near Stockholm for rent. Its a plain h...
5 (2)
10 + 2 bedden42000 - 50400 SEK/week

Private island in the Stockholm archipelago

Norra Lagnö, Värmdö
Outstanding turn of the century villa in the Stockholm archipelago. The villa is located on a privat...
3 bedden5900 - 7900 SEK/week

Hanskrokatorpet, Ingarö, beautiful water views

Ingarö, Värmdö
Hanskrokatorpet enjoys beautiful water views overlooking Skenora Stream, only a short walk (200 m) to swimming area. Outside a spacious outdoor deck a...
2 + 2 bedden2500 - 5000 SEK/week

Nice cottage 40 m2 2+2 beds in wonderful arkipilag

Ingarö, Värmdö, Stockholms, Skärgård
Quiet and cosy cottage house. Surrounded by untouched and beautiful nature. Both salt and sweetwater for swimming and playing, sand beaches for kids ...
15 bedden26900 - 29700 SEK/week

Östertorps Gård Strömma, heated pool, sandy beach

Värmdö, Strömma
Unique housing with heated pool, private sandy beach, jetties and rowing boat. Östertorp is an archipelago dream close to Stockholm with well-kept log...
10 + 3 bedden28000 - 32000 SEK/week

Sjövillan Ramsö Vaxholm, deck with sauna, beach

Ramsö Vaxholm, Vaxholm
Welcome to this very exclusive waterfront property. With south facing private docks and a small beach with a wood fire sauna, and very close to the ve...
6 bedden9900 - 17400 SEK/week

Hässelmara Värmdö, jetty deck with sauna

Värmdö, Stockholm
Beautifully situated house by the sea at Bredvik Bay with private jetty and sauna by the sea. The house fully equipped, comfortable and stylishly deco...
7 + 1 bedden15500 SEK/week

Himmelriket Ingarö,stunning views of the ocean bay

Värmdö, Ingarö
Large and luxurious house located in the exclusive part of Ingaro. The high location of the house results in stunning views of the ocean bay and the g...
Mörtnäs Torsbyfjärden, wonderful views of the sea
4 bedden12500 SEK/week

Mörtnäs Torsbyfjärden, wonderful views of the sea

Värmdö, Mörtnäs
With wonderful views of the sea and the beach below, you will enjoy this fresh and family friendly semi-detached house. The area is very quiet and clo...
Ramsö Vaxholm, amazing seaside property
10 bedden22500 - 24500 SEK/week

Ramsö Vaxholm, amazing seaside property

Vaxholm, Ramsö
Amazing seaside property on the island of Ramsö, located in Stockholm’s inner archipelago. A short ten minute boat ride from the charming town of Waxh...
Tynningösund, exclusive with lake view
8 + 2 bedden19900 - 26950 SEK/week

Tynningösund, exclusive with lake view

Värmdö, Tynningö, Vaxholm
This newly built, exclusive and spacious house is perfect for the big family or a group of friends. The house is highly situated with water views on a...
Skenora Ingarö, private property and shore line.
6 bedden13500 SEK/week

Skenora Ingarö, private property and shore line.

Stockholm, Värmdö
Newly renovated holiday home, situated on a very secluded and private plot of land with its own shore line and panoramic view over the beautiful lake....