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Vakantiehuisjes, huizen, boerderijtjes en appartementen in de provincie Norrbotten

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32 reclames op 2 pagina's tonen

House at beautiful Lainio river, Lapland

Lainio, Vittangi, Kiruna, kommun

We offer our house for rent. It it is located close to the river “Lainioälv”, in the middle of the v...

Farm house with unique and scenic location

Råneå, Luleå

Looking for a quiet place for fishing or other nature experiences, then youve found right. Enjoy t...

House at beautiful Lainio river, Lapland

Lainio, Vittangi, Kiruna, kommun

We offer our house for rent. It it is located close to the river “Lainioälv”, in the middle of the v...

Cottage for rent


Google translate Cottage for rent The cottage is located approximately: 1 mile outside Arvid...

Laponia Pearl in Arvidsjaur


Lapplans Pärla i Arvidsjaur! Lugnet o hemtrevnaden gör ert boende till ett evigt sommar eller spraka...

Villa Mia -7 pers. near Storforsen

Vidsel, -, Älvsbyn

This spacious holiday house is in Vidsel, just five kilometres from Storforsen, Sweden’s largest rap...

Cottage in Nikkaluokta at the foot of Kebnekaise

Nikkaluokta, Lappland

Fresh and modernly equipped for self catering, Lappland grill house and wooden heated sauna are avai...

Cottage in lovely location!

Auktsjaur, Moskosel, Arvidsjaur, Lappland

Rent our cottage located in Lapland, about 26 km north of Arvidsjaur! The village name Auktsjaur and...

Inspirations house with various opportunities


If you like excitement, downshifting, geocaching, digital detox, silence, adventure, nature and cu...

Authentic logcabin renovated till hotelstandard


Our stuga is located 30km below the North Pole Cirkel. The Northern Lights can be seen from Septembe...

Cozy Cottage in Picturesque Torne Valley


In the Midnight Sun Country, in picturesque Torne Valley, in the village Peräjävaara 20 km from the ...

Cottage by the River Luleälven

Avan, mellan, Luleå, och, Boden

Older cottage with one room and a kitchen. Fridge/freezer, shower, micro, oven, washing machine and ...

Lovikka by Torneriver, Tornedalen Lapland

Lovikka, Pajala, Tornedalen, Lapland

The cottage, house is located in a small village in Swedish Lapland above the arctic circle so we ca...

Villa ValleyView near the rapids "Storforsen"

Vidsel, -, Älvsbyn

Welcome to Swedish Lapland! Experience the Northern Lights dance across the sky as you relax by t...

Cottage in magnificent mountain scenery

Adolfström, Laisvall

The road winds its way up the Lais River Valley to Adolfström. One of the nicest spots in Arjeplog D...

House in Lapland, near Kiruna and Tornedalen

Masugnsbyn, Kiruna, Tornedalen, Lappland, Lapland

Situated in a small village, this house is the perfect base for access to great fishing waters in th...

Northernlight and midnight sun cabin

Kiruna, Nikkaluokta, Pirttivuopio

Want to experience a fantastic view of the mountains and valley to Kebnekaise, Swedens highest mount...

Suite on an island in the Torne river

Lehtisaari, Laxforsen

On an island on the Torne River and a stones throw from the water, this cozy cottage with one bedroo...

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