Vakantiehuisjes te huur: Zweden


4 bedden5200 - 6000 SEK/week

Carlssons Cottage - The swedish dream!

österlen, Ystad
Welcome to Carlssons Cottage, Ingelstorp - the swedish dream! The feeling of the Mediterranean is...
8 bedden10000 - 15000 SEK/week

Unique summer house - sea view - Kåseberga

Kåseberga, österlen, Ystad, Skillinge...
Modernly equipped house in Österlen Lovely, newly refurbished house with an attractive location in ...
4 (3)
5 + 2 bedden3000 - 8000 SEK/week

Kåseberga at Österlen

Kåseberga, Hammar, Sandhammaren, Simrishamn...
Stay at Hammars backar in the middle of the agriculture landscape with walking distance to Ale stena...
4 bedden8000 - 12500 SEK/week

Stay by the beach outside Ystad

Ystad, Svarte
We rent out our newly renovated house on Svarte's beach weekly. 4 beds in 2 separate bedrooms on floor 2. Bottom floor with panoramic view to the s...
6 + 2 bedden8000 - 14000 SEK/week

Modern Design and Old Charm. With Seaview!

Svarte, Ystad
Surrounded by a completely private garden, our house is located in the midst of Skånes open landscape, among rolling hills, magnificent castles, wh...
2 bedden3700 SEK/week

Byagarden apartment no 3, fully equipped 2-bed

Skivarp, Skurup, Ystad
Fully-equipped kitchnette including refrigierator,microwave oven, toaster, coffee brewer. Dining ta...
2 + 2 bedden3900 SEK/week

Byagarden Apartment no 2, 4-bed fully equipped

Skurup, Ystad
Apartment with air- conditionering Fully-equipped kitchen including refrigerator, microwave oven, toster and coffe brewer Dining table and 4 chai...
5 (2)
2 + 2 bedden3900 SEK/week

Byagarden Apartment no 1, 4-bed fully equipped

Skivarp, Skurup, Ystad
two-floor apartment with air-conditioning fully equipped kitchen including refrigerator/freezer, mi...
5 + 1 bedden5000 - 6000 SEK/week


Abbekås, Ystad, Skurup, Trelleborg, Malmö
A wonderful cottage 80 m from the sea in Nils Holgersson and Inspector Wallander neighborhood. The cottage consists of two separate buildings whe...
7 + 2 bedden4000 - 5000 SEK/week

Holiday lakeside dwelling

Ystad, Sövestad
Welcome to Jägarehuset by Lake Krageholmssjön located near the beautiful beech forest. Rich bird life. Spacious house in good shape with all comfor...
4 + 1 bedden7500 - 9100 SEK/week

Unique apartments at farm in southern Österlen

Löderup, Ystad
Two apartments on a farm in the open landscape at southern Österlen, with access to swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Near Kåseberga and Sandhammaren, o...
4 + 2 bedden9500 SEK/week

House by the sea

Skarviken, Ystad
Fantastic accommodation 200 meters from the sea, located on the country side 8 kilometers west of Ystad. You will have close access to culture act...
Summer house close to Ystad in Sweden
4 + 1 bedden6000 - 10000 SEK/week

Summer house close to Ystad in Sweden

Kåseberga, österlen, Ystad
In a fantastic nature known as Kåseberga and Ales Stenar 20 minutes from Ystad. Modern in the middle of the village 200 m from harbor. In the harbo...
100 year old idyllic stone house
4 + 1 bedden8000 - 14000 SEK/week

100 year old idyllic stone house

örum, Simrishamn, Ystad, Borrby, Löderup
This 100 year old stone house is situated in an idyllic, quiet and peaceful village with about 10 other houses. Here you can relax, away from the c...
Small cottage at the bottom of Hammars backar
2 bedden3500 SEK/week

Small cottage at the bottom of Hammars backar

Hammars, By
Small cottage at the bottom of Hammars backar about 300 mts from a kilometre long sandy beach. Just beautiful grass covered hills between the cotta...
Lovely cottage at the south coast 3,5km to the sea
6 bedden5000 - 7500 SEK/week

Lovely cottage at the south coast 3,5km to the sea

Skurup, Ystad, Mossbystrand, Abbekås
Enjoyable dwelling with six beds near wonderful Mossbystrand. Here you will find closeness to a sandy beach, a golf course and a cosy village envir...