Vakantiehuisjes, boerderijtjes, huizen en appartementen in Väddö


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Nice house with a small pool and close to Nature.
2 + 2 bedden4900 SEK/week

Nice house with a small pool and close to Nature.

Hallstavik, älmsta, Norrtälje, Grisslehamn
Cozy cottage in scenic surroundings. Privacy-protected lush natural plot with large terrace and pool...
Recreational house at the ocean
4 bedden8000 SEK/week

Recreational house at the ocean

Vätö, Norrtälje
Wonderful house at the ocean. One room with four berths. Newly renovated kitchen. In separate building shower, TC, hand tub, washer and dryer. T...
5 (2)
Kvarnsand’s beach lodges in Grisslehamn
4 bedden13650 SEK/week

Kvarnsand’s beach lodges in Grisslehamn

Kvarnsand, Grisslehamn, Väddö, Norrtälje...
Kvarnsand’s beach lodges in Grisslehamn Luxurious lodges, completed during 2018-19, overlooking the...
A million dollar view
2 + 2 bedden14900 SEK/week

A million dollar view

Kvarnsand, Grisslehamn, Norrtälje, Väddö
An unbelievable cute and newly renovated cottage right on the beach. Wake up in the morning a take a freshly brewed cup of coffee on the lanai over...
5 (2)
2 bedden3000 SEK/week

Charming and simple cottage on the island of Vätö

Vätö, Norrtälje, Roslagen
This cottage is placed in a typical swedish country setting in the inner archipelago. Situated in th...
5 (2)
5 + 2 bedden6000 - 8000 SEK/week

Cozy cottage near Grisslehamn, cliffs and beach

Grisslehamn, Havstomta, älmsta, Norrtälje
Cozy newly renovated cottage on Havstomta near Grisslehamn with fireplace and glazed porch, patio wi...
5 (1)
2 + 2 bedden10500 SEK/week

Cottage, close to the beach, in Kvarnsand, Grissle

Väddö, Grisslehamn, Norrtälje, Roslagen...
Classic summer cottage with a glimpse of the sea of Åland, with a shallow and child friendly beach a...
2 bedden5000 - 7000 SEK/week

Small cabin with amazing wiev!

The small cabin is without electricity and running water. Water and ice clamps can be picked up close by. The cabin is 12 square meters big, with a...
5 (1)
9 + 1 bedden9000 - 11000 SEK/week

Cabin with guesthouse 5 minute walk from the sea

Norrtälje, Herräng, Roslagen
Lovely house in a private location only 5 minute walk from a beach. Main building has 3 bedrooms, re...
2 (2)
5 bedden3900 - 8000 SEK/week

Small Cottage 5 beds

Hallstavik, Väddö, Grisslehamn, Roslagen
Our lovely winterized cottage on 53 square meters is divided into three rooms and a kitchen with a t...
5 (1)
4 + 2 bedden4500 - 6000 SEK/week

Charming cottage in Roslagen

Roslagen, Norrtälje, Väddö
This is our cottage built in 1853 and renovated by us in 2013. When you enter, you will find a hall,...
5 (1)
4 bedden5200 - 5500 SEK/week

Norrtälje Simpnäs

Norrtälje, Björkö
Newly built house in Simpnäsham with a view over the Åland sea and Arholma. Here you will find the c...
6 bedden5000 - 8000 SEK/week

Small Roslag idyllic place close to Herräng

Herräng, Bredsund
Two minor cottages of 30m2 and 10m2, with a total of six berths rented together or separately. The cottage of 30m2 has bedroom, small kitchen and...
6 bedden5000 - 7000 SEK/week

Skippers house in Roslagen, Herrang

Herräng, Hallstavik, Norrtälje, älmsta...
Charming skippers residence from 1921 between Hallstavik and Herrang with walking distance to the bay, 700 meters. The house is in the open positi...
5 (4)
3 + 2 bedden5300 - 6300 SEK/week

Waterfront cottage on Väddö, Norrtälje

Norrtälje, Grisslehamn, Väddö
Two kilometers south of Grisslehamn and 400 meters from the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea in a child...
4 + 2 bedden6000 SEK/week

Lilla Sälgrundet 2 cottages with unique lakeside location

Norrtälje, Grisslehamn
Welcome to Sjöstugan and Kajstugan at Lilla Sälgrundet in Grisslehamn´s archipelago. The cottages are located on a private small island, upon arriv...
6 bedden4900 - 6300 SEK/week

Charming summer house in Grisslehamn

Grisslehamn, Roslagen, Väddö, Norrtälje
Charming summer house in the old village of Byholma. The house is located on an islet and the shelte...
14 + 2 bedden10000 - 12000 SEK/week

Large and lovely house near swimming and fishing

Väddö, Norrtälje, Roslagen
A large beautiful house from the turn of the century with walking distance to Åland Sea and the inside of Väddö. Here you can be a staff group, a...
15 + 4 bedden23481 - 32500 SEK/week

Brevik, unique archipelago "village"

Stockholms Skärgård, Roslagen
On unique Brevik there’s a plot by the sea of 16,000 sqm, sandy beach, 6 cabins, 19 beds, motor boat, tennis court, etc. Calmness, tranquillity and...
4 (8)
8 bedden6500 - 9500 SEK/week

Charming village house for rent in the archipelago

Grisslehamn, Roslagen, Stockholm
Welcome to our house in idyllic Grisslehamn. Close to the Baltic Sea Grisslehamn is a small old wor...