Vakantiehuisjes, boerderijtjes, huizen en appartementen in Mollösund


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“Lovely cottage just 20 meters from the sea.
3 + 1 bedden4990 - 8990 SEK/week

“Lovely cottage just 20 meters from the sea.

Bohuslän, Orust, Nösund, Västkusten, Westcost
SOMMER 2022 “Lovely cottage just 20 meters from the sea. Nösund Boxvik, Orust – Object NO7755 ust 20 meters from the sea, what a summer dream T...
5 (4)
Small nice apartment with balcony centrally o good
4 bedden5000 - 9000 SEK/week

Small nice apartment with balcony centrally o good

öviken 172, Käringön, Tuvesvik
With its fine location just 100 meters from the bathing area and 300 hundred meters to the harbour w...
Oldfashioned house Kalvhagen on Orust Island
6 bedden4000 SEK/week

Oldfashioned house Kalvhagen on Orust Island

Holm, Stigfjorden, Orust, Göteborg, Bohuslän
Beautiful old house in a nice calm area on south of Orust Island. In the fields there are cows and calfs. House is located by Stigfjorden Nature R...
Fantastic dwelling with sea view at Käringön
5 + 2 bedden9000 - 12000 SEK/week

Fantastic dwelling with sea view at Käringön

Käringön, I, Orust, Kommun
Spacious and beautiful apartment of about 75m², with private entrance together with spacious balcony...
8 bedden8990 - 14990 SEK/week

Summer 2022, Exquisite Hälleviksstrand 2 cottage.

Hälleviksstrand, Orust, Bohuslän, Västkusten
Now you can book Summer 2022! Two lovely houses, close to Hälleviksstrand 8 beds Hälleviksstrand Object: H0077 For more pictures, updated bookin...
5 (1)
5 bedden7990 SEK/week

Summer 2021, A cozy cottage close to Nösund,

Nösund, Orust
This is a charming little cottage with a lovely glass veranda. The blue and white kitchen has very n...
8 bedden20000 SEK/week

Swedish West Coast - Mollösund

Mollösund, Orust
The house is situated in Tången, a small white painted west coast community app. 500 meters northeast of Mollosund. Bathrobe distance (200 m) to th...
8 bedden9000 - 15000 SEK/week

House in the archipelago for rent

Käringön, Bohuslän, Orust
Welcome to Käringön, a beautiful and car-free island in the outer skerris at the Swedish West coast, where our spacious and fully equipped house is...
5 (8)
4 bedden9500 - 12500 SEK/week

Lovely little cottage close to the nature.

Tjörn, Bohuslän, övre Tådås
Welcome to rent our lovely cottage, perfect for the small family or 1-2 couples who appreciate peace...
7 + 1 bedden17990 SEK/week

Spacious villa in Mollösund with little sea view

Mollösund, Orust, Bohuslän
Stay in wonderful Mollösund, spacious villa in a quiet area with just 300 meters to the beach and 700 meters to the crowds in the harbor” Please...
2 + 2 bedden3500 - 6700 SEK/week

Charming cottage Hälleviksstrand, Orust

Orust, Hälleviksstrand
Accommodation with 2 + 2 beds in Orust, Hälleviksstrand, Västra Götaland for rent We rent out our charming little cottage in the cozy Hällevikstran...
8 + 2 bedden12000 - 20000 SEK/week

Charming archipelago house, picturesque Mollösund

Mollösund, Orust
A charming archipelago house with a wide beautiful view of the sea located at the old mill in Mollösund, an old picturesque fishing community. The...
6 bedden14990 SEK/week

Wonderful sea views, on Orust west coast

Orust, Hälleviksstrand, Edshultshall...
SUMMER 2021 ”Just enjoy the grandiose and the fantastic location on western Orust!” - 3 bedrooms, sleeps 6, quality beds - Well equipped kitchen...
4 (1)
8 + 2 bedden4000 - 5500 SEK/week

Holidayhome in the countryside near the sea

Nösund, Ellös, Lyr, Orust, Bohuslän
Cozy house for rent weekly during summer Orust. On the ground floor there are two bedrooms where in...
5 (2)
6 + 2 bedden


Nösund, Orust, Bohuslän, Västkusten
Charming and fresh, older archipelago house / cottage in secluded location in BOHUSLÄN on Nösund. Th...
5 + 1 bedden

Bright summer dwelling with garden at Orust

Orust, Hälleviksstrand
Lovely summer dwelling rented in one of the west coast’s best preserved fishing stations. Wonderful swimming spots off cliffs together with walki...
4 + 2 bedden9500 SEK/week

Beautiful appartment with fantastic garden by sea

Nösund, Orust
Trerumslägenhet med stort kök (plats för TV hörna) och två sovrum med separata badrum. Fullt utrustat kök. Utsikten är fantastisk över havet som l...
5 (3)
6 bedden

Charming house in picturesque village of Mollösund

Mollösund, Orust, Västkusten
A charming, old and carefully renovated house with four rooms (2-3 bed rooms) and a kitchen with a n...
6 bedden16000 SEK/week

Summer paradise on the island Orust-panoramic view

Nösund, Orust, Bohuslän, Västkusten...
Wonderful cottage, 20 meters from the sea with a panoramic view over Stigfjorden. Situated in a quie...
5 (2)
5 + 1 bedden6000 - 8500 SEK/week

Summerhouse close to the beach

Tjörn, Vik, Björholmen, Halsbäck
A summerhouse in a true summer paradise in Bohuslän, the northern part of the Gothenburg archipelago...