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Tiny Island cottage
3 + 2 bedden4000 - 6000 SEK/week

Tiny Island cottage

Hallsberg, örebro, Närke, Kumla
Simple cottage with a very nice location on its own island of 250 square meters 3 minutes from land. Relax among cobs and skerries where swimming, ...
Croft / cottage with a nice view of the la
3 bedden2000 - 3000 SEK/week

Croft / cottage with a nice view of the la

örebro, Fellingsbro, Nora, Lindesberg, Frövi...
Close to forrest and fields is this a peacful stay in complete calm. Take a stroll in the forrest right outside the cottage. Look for berries and m...
5 (1)
Timber cottage with nice views of lake and fiel
2 bedden1500 - 1700 SEK/week

Timber cottage with nice views of lake and fiel

örebro, Fellingsbro, Arboga, Västerås...
The timber cottage from the nineteenth century offers an easy summer stay. The interior sweep you aw...
Very comfy house with sleeploft
4 + 1 bedden3500 - 4500 SEK/week

Very comfy house with sleeploft

Frövi, Fellingsbro, örebro, Lindesberg...
A very charmful and comfy house for you which are travelling alone as the whole family or two people who wants calm and take care of each other. ...
6 + 1 bedden4000 - 5000 SEK/week

"Soltorp" in the edge of a wood.

Fellingsbro, Frövi, Arboga, Nora, örebro...
Soltorp is a smallholder cottage that was renovated and extended in 2010 and 2011. Wallpaper, paintwork,panelling and features where all chosen ...
6 bedden5500 - 6500 SEK/week

Stay at manor house

Wonderful wing of the building with high standard. 6 berths, (spare beds available to rent) satelite dish TV,3 showers, 4 WC: s. Patio, kitchen, wa...
7 bedden9400 - 18000 SEK/week

Annika´s House - Lake-Rowboat-Canoe-Jetty

åsbro, Karintorp
You offered to rent a house with 5 rooms and a kitchen in a beautiful and peaceful environment. New kitchen 2018. The house is surrounded by a 2 00...
5 (1)
6 bedden7000 - 9000 SEK/week

Lakeside cottage

Arboga, örebro, Västerås, Eskilstuna...
Rent our homey cottage right next to Lake Hjälmaren. Here the wooden floors are smooth and you will ...
12 + 2 bedden

Norr-Ryby Lodging

Arboga, Köping
Nice and newly decorated two room apartment, located 12km outside of Arboga. 4km from Medåker. Kitchen/all-purpose room. WC, shower, fridge, freez...
8 + 5 bedden4500 - 9000 SEK/week

Large house at an estate nearby water.

Arboga, Västerås, örebro, Eskilstuna, Köping...
The house is 200 sq meters divided on 2 floors. The house has a large kitchen with space and equipme...
4 + 2 bedden10000 SEK/week

A large cottage with tradition, 3 m from lake

Vingåker, Högsjö
The house which before was used to wash laundry for those living on the mansion nearby, is now converted into a summer house. Two bedrooms, a lar...
4 + 2 bedden2500 - 3500 SEK/week

Cosy little cottage by the water

Granbergsdal, Karlskoga, örebro
In Värmland, 250 km west of Stockholm, you'll find this cottage. You get to the cottage by rowing boat, there is no road! The cottage is very sim...
5 + 3 bedden5000 - 6000 SEK/week

IDYLLIC COTTAGE in beautiful countryside !+WiFi

Snavlunda, Askersund, örebro
experience the change of colors of autumn in a modern warm cottage amidst the woods, fields, beautiful landscape of the small village Snavlunda. th...
6 bedden4300 - 5500 SEK/week

Cottage locaded by the beautiful Nora lake

Nora, Lindesberg, Bergslagen
Stugan ligger i Bröstorps sommarstugeområde på en avskild tomt ca 500 meter från badplats i Norasjön. Stor altan under tak i söder/västerläge för f...
2 + 1 bedden

Genuin cottage experience in amazing Bergslagen

Lockenkil, Mogetorp
This place is a typical Swedish "torp" with all what it means. Great acces with car but still in the middle of a dreamy forrest and a creek running...
8 bedden

Rent your own island!

Granbergsdal, Karlskoga, örebro
In Värmland, 250 km west of Stockholm, you'll find this enchanting island with a unique log house built in the 19th century. You get to the island...
8 + 1 bedden7500 SEK/week

A big apartment near Örebro city

örebro, Kumla, Fjugesta
A big apartment in a nice neighborhood near the city.
2 + 1 bedden3200 - 3500 SEK/week

Cozy small holiday home with sauna

Medåker, Arboga, Köping, Mellan, örebro...
This cozy holiday accommodation is a small and charming holiday home for two, up to three, persons in natural and beautiful surrounding and with fo...
4 + 2 bedden3000 - 3500 SEK/week

Cottage with florid garden privately situated 

Homey 19th century cottage in beautiful rustic surroundings with forest very close. Far from frequent roads. Several interesting tourist attract...
7 bedden5300 SEK/week

Cosy cabin outside the City of Örebro for rental

örebro, Kårsta
Welcome to a cosy cabin with a large garden (ca 2000 Square meters), situated around 10 kilometers North of Örebro City just by the lake Långens so...