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We have made the rental process simple and safe. You can easily list your cottage on our website and all communication with guests is handled via our platform. You only pay for when your cottage is rented out and the rent is paid directly into your bank account when the guest has checked out. The commission fee is 12 percent of the rent and this includes our secure booking and payment service. It also includes support in case of any problems and an extra cottage insurance via Omocom. Your guest receives a secure booking and in most cases an extra travel protection via their card is also included.

This is included

Avtal  Advertising
Försäkring  Agreement & Insurance
Säker betalning  Secured payment
Support  Support
Right now we are offering extended ad visibility for 3 months

Why Stugknuten

Over 20 000 weeks rent annually

4 weeks

Stugknuten mediates more than 20 000 weeks annually with an average of 4 weeks for each cottage
The service is recommended by our users


98% of our hosts would recommend us to a friend
Over 2 million unique visitors per year

2 Million

Over 2 million unique visitors per year

How does Stugknuten work?

1. Create your listing

It all starts with you creating your ad with text and images, when you are done you submit it for review. After your ad is reviewed, the ad will begin to appear to visitors.

2. Guests get in touch

Stugknuten has no direct booking, a rental always starts with the guest contacting you via our message service. You have the opportunity to have a conversation with the guest and get to know the guest a little better before you move on with giving the guest an opportunity to book.

3. Send the guest a booking offer

A booking offer includes dates of arrival and departure, total rent for the period, cancellation policy, etc. The guest accepts the offer by paying the entire rent by debit card. We pay the rent minus our 12% fee to your bank account when the guest checks out.

Common questions

Am I the one who decides rent and available dates?


Is there a requirement for the number of weeks that the cottage has to be rented out?


Any requirements on which weeks to rent out?


Am I the one who decides who gets to rent?

Yes, you choose which guests you send booking offers to

Who signs the agreement with the guest?

The agreement is directly between host and guest. We are responsible for the technology and the payment solution which is a security for both the host and the guest.

Does advertising cost?

No, but if you find guests through us you must make the bookings in our system. We take 12% of the rent, that is where we get paid. If you never rent out, it costs nothing. It is not allowed to bring a guest you find through us and make a deal outside our system.

Any additional fees for the service in addition to the commission?

No, we do not charge any additional fees.

Do you have a cleaning service and what does it cost? Inspection?

No, we do not have any such services. is a digital mediation service.


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