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We have made the rental process simple and safe. You can easily list your cottage on our website and all communication with guests is handled via our platform. You only pay for when your cottage is rented out and the rent is paid directly into your bank account when the guest has checked out. The commission fee is 12 percent of the rent and this includes our secure booking and payment service. It also includes support in case of any problems and an extra cottage insurance via Omocom. Your guest receives a secure booking and in most cases an extra travel protection via their card is also included.

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Försäkring  Insurance
Säker betalning  Secured payment
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Why Stugknuten

Over 20 000 weeks rent annually

4 weeks

Stugknuten mediates more than 20 000 weeks annually with an average of 4 weeks for each cottage
The service is recommended by our users


98% of our hosts would recommend us to a friend
Over 2 million unique visitors per year

2 Million

Over 2 million unique visitors per year

How does Stugknuten work?

1. Create your listing

It all starts with you creating your ad with text and images, when you are done you submit it for review. After your ad is reviewed, the ad will begin to appear to visitors.

2. Guests get in touch

Stugknuten has no direct booking, a rental always starts with the guest contacting you via our message service. You have the opportunity to have a conversation with the guest and get to know the guest a little better before you move on with giving the guest an opportunity to book.

3. Send the guest a booking offer

A booking offer includes dates of arrival and departure, total rent for the period, cancellation policy, etc. The guest accepts the offer by paying the entire rent by debit card. We pay the rent minus our 12% fee to your bank account when the guest checks out.

Common questions

Are you considering renting out your cottage, apartment, croft or your permanent residence? Whether you are renting for the first time or if you have been renting for several years, this guide means to improve and simplify the rental for both you and your guests.

It is common to rent out your summer cottage during the summer when you are not using it yourself, to cover costs associated with the cottage. However, it is becoming increasingly common to rent out your accommodation during all seasons of the year when we tend to travel more often and varied. It is no longer only the summer months or winter holidays that are relevant for rent.

When you are not staying in your cottage, rent it out instead of leaving it empty. Many also rent out their home, a room, the basement or the attic to earn some extra money.

Most people who rent a cottage do so for holidays in the summer or winter. Popular periods are also school holidays, Christmas, Easter etc. Many people already know where to go and are looking for accommodation right there.

The most common constellation of guests is a family with adults and children. Among our visitors, many are interested in places where there are many activities for both adults and children.

Other groups well represented are retired couples, groups of friends, work teams, explorers or several families for larger family gatherings. The constellations are as many as the number of cottages and its variation in size and shape.

Foreign visitors usually come from Norway, Germany and Denmark. But we also have many visitors from England, the Netherlands and France.

The holiday period is in Germany a little later than in Sweden, which can extend our rental period during the summer until October.

Renting out your accommodation with Stugknuten shall be easy and safe. You can easily place your ad on our website.

To be visible on the site and have access to our portal for bookings, a commission fee of 12% is deducted on each booking, these percentages include our secure booking and payment service, support in case of problems and an extra cottage insurance via Omocom. You only pay for when the cottage is rented out and you decide for yourself who can book your cottage and when. You can rent out how much or how little you want during a year via our service.

When a guest has checked out, the rent is then paid directly to your chosen bank account, in the event of any changes or cancellations, these are handled by our support. The commission fee is 12 percent of the rent and your guest receives a secure booking and in most cases an extra travel protection is also included via their card.

It can also be positive to be seen on more channels such as social media. Share your ad via your Facebook or Instagram or find groups that suit your purpose.

When you are renting out your accommodation, you need to think about how much you want to get for a week's rental.

To get an idea of ​​the market, we recommend that you look at similar accommodation in your area, look at the size and location and set the price for high and low season. You can also check out similar accommodations around the country.

Also consider whether high and low season prices are relevant for your accommodation. When it's high vs. low season depends on where your accommodation is located. Furthermore, you look at whether you will offer anything other than weekly rentals, such as weekends or daily prices.

When setting your price, make sure that the rent corresponds to what the guest will be met by (be realistic in your pricing). Please note that guests will have higher requirements for more expensive accommodation. You can correct your prices at any time during the season, make sure that it is the correct and current prices that are visible in your ad.

What usually has the biggest impact on the price;

  • Size: The size of the house and how many beds
  • Standard: Simple or luxurious, recently renovated, unique, etc.
  • Facilities: There is WiFi, fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, sauna, pool, rowing boat, etc.
  • Location: Is it e.g. directly by the sea, in the middle of the forest, close to neighbors, ski lifts?
  • Geographical location: Prices in e.g. northern and southern Sweden can differ greatly

When you rent out your accommodation via Stugknuten, you use what we call a booking offer, guests accept the offer by paying, payment is made by card via our portal.

You can also in the booking offer add other details about the booking / cleaning or similar. In addition to all the rules and general information regarding booking and payment, it can be nice to include instructions on how to use things (e.g. a barbecue or dishwasher) and welcoming tips (e.g. on activities and local excursions).

In the booking you will have access to the guest's name, telephone number and date of birth. The guest will register a profile that must be complete before a booking can be completed.

If something goes wrong:

For the most part, most bookings flow smoothly. But if problems arise before or during a booking, you can always contact us at Stugknuten for our support.

Our basic tips to avoid mishaps:

  • Clarity, make sure to be clear and straight with your guests. Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Create a pleasant contact, be open and humble in front of your guests and their holiday.

It is both easy and secure to handle bookings and payments via Stugknuten's service. The service also includes insurance via Omocom, which provides financial compensation for damages during the rental that your regular insurance does not cover.

Stugknuten has no service that handles key delivery. You yourself need to think about how you can best solve this for your guests. If you can hand out the keys yourself, it is of course easy, but many times you do not live in the area.
Common is a code lock, key box or someone living in the area who can help.

Cleaning can not be added as an option via Stugknuten. You handle this with a guest on the side of your booking. The most common is for the guest to clean themselves on the way home according to the instructions you have given. In our FAQ you can find a guide for cleaning routines to start with. If you want to offer a guest cleaning for a certain amount, you can check with local cleaning companies in the resort or if you yourself have the opportunity to clean. You inform the guest about the cost of cleaning and charge for this outside the regular rent. This is written into the agreement. It is important that cleaning is checked after check out, so that you know what future guests will be faced with. If you do not have the opportunity yourself, again a friend in the area can be a good solution.

Before your rental starts, you can think about a deposit and if this is something for you. Deposit is not something that Stugknuten handles and is something that you as the host yourself must be responsible for.

Security deposit is usually charged on the guest's arrival and returned after check out if everything is in order. Please note that it is very important that it is clear for guest that the deposit fee will be added to the rent.
Guest must always receive in writing: that the deposit will be added, to what amount, how it will be paid and what is expected for it to be recovered. Everything to avoid misunderstandings and mishaps. You add this information to your agreement with the guest.
What is a reasonable amount for a deposit can vary, but a guideline can be about SEK 1,000

Note: We only recommend a deposit if you yourself have the opportunity or if a friend of yours has the opportunity to check the cottage when guests check-out.

Here we list a few more things before renting that can be good to think about.

Bedsheets and towels

Recommendation regarding bedding and towels in Sweden is that the guest brings their own. Be sure to reconcile this with your future guests so they know what applies. If you want to offer bed linen / towels as an option, think about the price for this and how it should be handled with laundry and the like.

The cost of electricity and water

Many include the cost of electricity and water in the rent because the rental time is usually so short. However, you can charge an extra fee for this if you rent over a longer period. In that case, this must be stated in the ad and in your agreement with the guest.


It is nice to come to a cottage where there is toilet paper, kitchen paper, dish tablets and detergent at least for the first day before you have had time to go to the store. Spices and the like are appreciated by guests, not always having to buy every little thing for cooking can feel extra luxurious.
If you have a stove, leave some firewood in front so that your guests can use it at least a few times before they themselves need to buy more firewood.
Make sure that there is cleaning equipment, cleaning products and more, and that everything is easily accessible, it is then easier for the guest to clean in the desired way.


Be sure to print in your ad whether animals are allowed or not. You can also address this in your conversation with a guest. Extra important if there are allergy sufferers in the travel party.


It is not common for smoking to take place indoors, but if you are against smoking in and around your home, it can be good to clarify this in your ad. Alternatively, print out where smoking is allowed.


That there is the right and well-updated equipment in your cabin is as important as having it at home. Make sure that there are fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and fire blankets in suitable places. Also place extra batteries for smoke alarms in a suitable place so that it is easy to replace if needed. Note that this is as important to you as it is to your guests.


Do you want your guests to recycle? Then make sure that instructions for this are available and that vessels / bags are easily accessible.
If there is a garbage dump nearby, leave instructions on how to find it and any codes, keys or the like.
Recommended to leave an empty garbage bag in the trash can before every new guest arrival.


Depending on where your cottage is located, it may be relevant to inform your neighbors that you will rent out and approximately how much.
If your cottage is located in the middle of a tourist area where rental is standard, this is not considered necessary.

Extra guests

Think about how many people can stay in your cottage. Overnight but also any visitors during the day. If you have an opinion on this, it can be good to clarify in your conversation with the guest and in your agreement.
The same with any events, gatherings of larger parties or parties. Are there any guidelines you want the guest to adhere to, inform them about this early on.

Personal belongings

When you use your own cabin, it is obvious that you want your things there, extra clothes and the like. Before renting, it is good to clean away as much as possible, things that may feel too personal. Make sure your guests have plenty of space for their own things.
Personal things can be hidden away, locked in or removed from the holiday home depending on what opportunity you have for this.

Common wishes

What many tenants strive for is that the beds should be good. Some prefer a double bed instead of a bunk bed, others the opposite. Dishwasher and washing machine are usually appreciated, as well as TV and WiFi. If you have a garden with a patio, the dining area and barbecue are usually appreciated.
Recommended to inform about these things in your ad.

Appreciated on arrival

Upon arrival, it is always nice for the guest to feel welcome. Feel free to leave a welcome note with short info, maybe a telephone number to you if problems should arise.
We recommend that you leave a paper (or folder) with important information about how things work, what is good to know and think about in and around the house. For example where the plug cabinet is or how to use the dishwasher.
We recommend you to come up with tips on what you can do locally, excursion destinations, bathing places, markets, events or what is unique to your area. Feel free to present maps and tourist brochures. If you have foreign guests, remember to try to find information in English.
A guest book is usually both pleasant to write in as well as to read. Here guests can tell each other about what they have done and what is recommended in the area.




Yes, you choose which guests you send booking offers to

The agreement is directly between host and guest. We are responsible for the technology and the payment solution which is a security for both the host and the guest.

No, but if you find guests through us you must make the bookings in our system. We take 12% of the rent, that is where we get paid. If you never rent out, it costs nothing. It is not allowed to bring a guest you find through us and make a deal outside our system.

No, we do not charge any additional fees.

No, we do not have any such services. is a digital mediation service.

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