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General terms and conditions for use of services at stugknuten.com

Stugknuten is a letting service for holiday cottages, houses and apartments where private individuals and companies can advertise their own properties on our website www.stugknuten.com or rent properties directly from the advertiser. The letting service Stugknuten is operated by Stugknuten uthyrning AB, corporate identity number 556681-5238, and you can contact us at any time at info@stugknuten.com. Stugknuten uthyrning AB is referred to below as Stugknuten. It is important to bear in mind that Stugknuten is not to be regarded as a letter of properties and merely provides a service for advertising and establishing contact between users who have registered for the service and wish to hire or let a cottage, apartment, house or other property. As part of our service you also have access to insurance through Omocom and a payment solution provided by our partner MangoPay. Special terms and conditions are applied in the use of these services, and you can find them here General terms and conditions for the booking service.

Your relationship with Stugknuten

These general terms and conditions form the basis of the contractual relationship between you as a user of the services and Stugknuten. It is very important to us that you are aware of what your rights and obligations are as a user of the service, and we therefore ask you to read through the terms and conditions carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, you are welcome to contact us at info@stugknuten.com.

Set up an account

To make use of our services, you must create an account with us, and we advise you to use a strong password containing both lower-case and upper-case letters and special characters to make it difficult for outsiders to guess your password and subsequently access your user account. If you suspect that someone has nevertheless gained access to your password, we advise you to change this immediately or to contact us through info@stugknuten.com to close the user account. A user account can only be created by someone who is over 18 years of age and who otherwise has the right to enter into the contract that use of the service entails. When posting an advertisement you will also be asked, for your own security and the security of other users, to verify your identity through BankID. We do this so that as a letter or hirer you will feel more secure in letting or hiring through Stugknuten.

The contents of your user account and information in advertisements

As a user, you are responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied to Stugknuten in connection with use of the service. It is also important as an advertiser and user to be aware that Stugknuten does not accept liability for the particulars posted in advertisements such as images and other data, and that these are supplied entirely on the responsibility of the advertiser. It is a fundamental condition of use of the service and advertising that you yourself are the owner of the advertised property or that you have the owner’s permission for advertising and letting. In the event that as an advertiser you use material to which someone else has rights without their permission, Stugknuten has the right to delete the material from the advertisement or to terminate the advertisement or user account. This may happen if, within five days after receiving notification from us that material that infringes another person’s rights, you have failed to erase the content from the advertisement or user account. In the event that we are compelled to delete an advertisement or a user account for the reasons stated above, you do not have the right to repayment of any sums you have paid to us for the services. The content and material in your user account and in advertisements are part of the letting service, and we always endeavour to maintain objectivity in our letting service. We therefore do not permit material that expresses opinions that may cause offence or are disparaging. In the event that claims are lodged against Stugknuten because of the data or information you as a user have supplied to the service, you undertake to indemnify Stugknuten in relation to the party that has lodged the claim for compensation. This also includes compensation for the legal fees that may arise for Stugknuten as a result of the claim.

Technical customisations of the service

The service is provided as a platform for communication and exchange of information between letters and potential hirers, and we wish to be able to provide as comprehensive and easy-to-use a service as possible on this basis. Under the service we therefore offer a number of customisations so that your experience of the service will be as good as possible. This includes information notices activated by keywords in the notification service between letter and potential hirer. The information notices are intended to give users easily accessible information on the use of the service and reminders about increased security in use. The notices are visible only to you as user.

Posting of advertisement, terms and conditions for advertising and terms of payment

The user is obliged to comply with the terms regarding contents of advertisements and in general to observe sound ethical and moral standards when advertising on stugknuten.com. Stugknuten reserves the right to make this assessment alone at any given time.

General information about advertising
Stugknuten reserves the right to check the content of the advertisement before it is published. Publication that has been preceded by a check on the part of Stugknuten need not, however, mean that Stugknuten has approved the content of the advertisement nor that we are liable for the information in the advertisement being correct. We therefore wish to point out once again that as a user you are responsible for all particulars given to Stugknuten in connection with the letting service. To be able to offer both letters and potential hirers the best information on the advertised property, updated information is regularly published on the number of confirmed lettings for the individual advertised properties, as well as a limited amount of information about you as the advertiser.

Advertising with booking and payment service
Advertising and letting through www.stugknuten.com are done using our booking and payment service which gives you as a letter or hirer the best opportunities for a trouble-free letting relationship. Advertising is free of charge, and the service is paid for through a percentage charge on the amount of rent, which is specified at the time of acceptance of a booking enquiry. You can find further information about the booking services here General terms and conditions for the booking service

Additional information for existing customers with an ongoing older advertising service
If you advertise on Stugknuten as a letter at a fixed price for each individual advertisement, the price will be as specified in the price list for advertising applicable at any given time. Payment for an individual advertisement takes place when the advertising service is ordered through the payment solutions offered, and the advertisement will normally be published within 24 hours on weekdays. As the service you purchase from us is provided immediately when your advertisement is published, you consent to the service starting to be performed immediately and to there not being any right to cancel in accordance with Distance Contracts Act. The Distance Contracts Act normally allows for a right to change your mind within 14 days after you have entered into a purchase contract, but there are exceptions in those cases where you as a user have given consent for the service to start to be performed immediately so that there is no right to change your mind, to which you as a user give your consent by posting the advertisement for publication. The advertising period with a fixed advertising cost is to be deemed to be a continuous period irrespective of whether the user chooses to deactivate their advertisement for a particular time during the advertising period. An advertising period can be renewed at the earliest 30 days before the advertising period expires, and renewal taking place earlier will be deemed to be a request for a new advertising period. Changes to the advertisement can be made continuously during the advertising period, as can addition of optional extras to the advertisement. As a user you should, however, be aware that the addition of any optional extras follows the current advertising period.

Enquiries about availability and letting

The letting service makes it possible to send an enquiry to the letter about the possibility of renting the advertised property during a particular period of time. The enquiry will be handled and answered through the Stugknuten letting service, and notification of the possibility of renting the property will be accompanied by terms and conditions for the rental period such as price. Payment for the rental period will be made through Stugknuten’s payment solutions for which special terms and conditions are applicable, which you can find here General terms and conditions for the booking service. The terms and conditions are formulated to foster confidence in letting through Stugknuten.

Changes to the service and availability of the service

Stugknuten works continuously on development of the service so that as a user you have the best possible experience when you visit the website, as well as when using our services. This means, however, that the service may be closed for maintenance at certain times. We will, of course, try to minimise the time when the service is not available, but wish to make clear at the same time that we do not accept any liability for compensation to you as a user for the time when the service cannot be used or during time when your advertisement is not available for viewing. Neither do we make any deduction from advertising fees for the time when the service cannot be accessed or extend advertising times. In the event that the service is not accessible during a continuous period of more than one week, you are, however, entitled to compensation. Compensation will, however, be paid only for the time when the service has been unavailable and in the event that you wish to receive compensation you can submit such a request at info@stugknuten.com. The compensation which we will pay consists of the cost of advertising divided by the number of days of which the advertising period is made up, times the number of days when the service has been unavailable. If the reason why the service is unavailable is outside our control and something we could not reasonably have avoided, we do not, however, have any liability to pay compensation to you as user.

Processing of personal data, use of cookies, etc.

For information on our processing of personal data, etc. please see our Personal data policy.

Erasing of information

You have the option of requesting that we erase all data we have processed concerning you in connection with performance of the service. Such a request should be sent to info@stugknuten.com. Note, however, that messages that have passed between you and another user in connection with use of the service will remain in the user’s history. Stugknuten may in some respects be obliged by law to retain certain data concerning you as user, which we reserve the right to do.

Use of data for information and marketing purposes

Stugknuten reserves the right to send messages on electronic media for marketing purposes to registered users. In the event that as a user you have specified that you do not wish to receive information for marketing purposes, such information will not be sent out. As always, there is an option of changing your previous decision by notifying Stugknuten or following the link for deactivation that accompanies the mailing. Stugknuten also reserves the right to make use of published advertising material in advertising to market the service.

Misuse of the service

In the event that you contravene our terms and conditions and fail to make correction within five days after we have informed you of our position and the reasons for our position, we have the right to terminate your user account. Repeated cases of contraventions will also mean, despite corrections being made, that we terminate your user account. Material or repeated deficiencies in relation to advertised conditions or the relationship with guests in connection with the letting of properties which come to the knowledge of Stugknuten will also be regarded as misuse of the service. It must be pointed out again that the user bears sole responsibility for the accuracy of information posted on www.stugknuten.com and for it being in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to use of the service.

Changes to terms and conditions

In the same way that we make changes in our service, we may also implement changes to the terms and conditions governing our contractual relationship. We always endeavour to implement changes at the time of renewals of services, but in the event that we nevertheless implement changes to our terms and conditions during a contract period you have the right as a user to terminate the service and receive repayment for the remaining part of the advertising period provided that the changes we implement are of material significance to you as a user and have a material adverse impact on your prospects of having the advertised property let.

Termination of the service

You have the option of terminating the service at the time you find most appropriate. If the services are terminated at your own request during the course of the contract period, no repayment of any fees paid for purchased services will, however, be made, irrespective of whether these will continue to be used. In connection with such termination we will also permanently erase all data that has been processed concerning you in connection with performance of the service.

Transfer of contract

Rights and obligations under this contractual relationship cannot be transferred by the Letter or Hirer. However, Stugknuten has the right to transfer the contractual relationship, provided that this does not signify any changes of circumstances for you as user.

Applicable law

As we are a Swedish company operating in Sweden, Swedish law is applicable to our contractual relationship and these general terms and conditions. Any dispute arising between you as a user and us will be settled by a Swedish court of law.

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