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Jag vill gärna hyra på vårar eller somrar MEN vi vill veta alla dagar med hänsyn till lediga dagar .



aliyari.sara( at )yahoo.se

8 bed cottage next to sea & sauna

We are looking for a lovely cottage NEXT TO THE SEA or a LAKE. Also, we are looking for a SAUNA, and preferably a BBQ place and a BOAT. The cottage should have at least 8 BEDS. We are planning to stay for two weeks between the 18th July and 15th August 2020.


Ralf Mackels

mackels.ralf( at )hotmail.com

Look for a house with beautiful view on the lake

Hey, we are looking for a house with 7 beds , 3 or 4 bedrooms. Traveltime will be 2020/07/18 Till 2020/08/01 It should be near a lake, distance max 100m. A boat (with motor) should be included and fishing allowed. The house should stand alone with no near neighbors. We travel with 2 friendly dogs .The house should have electricity, toilet, shower, hot/cold water , fridge and freezer. A terrass with a view on the lake would be nice. I would be happy about offers. Please contact me for any more questions. Thank you. Oliver



oniederh( at )gmail.com

Stuga max 1 h från Gbg maj-sep

Stuga med 2-4 bäddar önskas hyras maj-sep 2020. Max 1h resa från Gbg.



magnus.leclaire( at )hotmail.com

Cottage on Bohus-Malmön for 2-6 people for one week early Summer 2020.

Hi. American couple looking to holiday on Bohus-Malmön for up to one week in Summer 2020. Week 25, 26, 27 or 28 would be best for us. I am a great granddaughter of Swedes who left Bohus-Malmön to cut stone on the island of Vinalhaven Maine USA. We currently live in Bar Harbor Maine USA(Home of Acadia National Park) and would be open to a home exchange or would rent your cottage if you prefer. I am looking for a comfortable home that could sleep up to 6 people as we have European friends who may be joining us. Water views would be exciting if available. Please consider contacting me and talking about your Bohus-Malmön stuga. I look forward to hearing from you. :) Alison Holmquist


Alison Holmquist

maineislandgal( at )gmail.com

Hyra stuga 22-26 december

Hej! Vi är ett par i 50-årsåldern med hund som bor i Borås-trakten. Vi skulle vilja hyra en fin, vinterbonad stuga i Varberg eller i Bohuslän. Ev. får vi besök av våra vuxna barn med respektive under något dygn, så det vore bra om det fanns bäddar för åtta personer. Ett plus är om det finns bastu eller utespa. Vår hund får inte vara i våra soffor och sängar hemma, och detsamma gäller såklart när vi vistas i andras hem/stugor. Hälsningar Monsi, Niklas & Diesel


Monsi Cabrera & Niklas Friberg

monsi.cabrera( at )hotmail.com

Stuga for summer 2020

hello, I am looking for a holiday home with 6 beds and 3 bedrooms in the period from 18/19.07.2020 to 01/02.08.2020. Two adult and two children. Dog should be allowed. The house should have alone location with electricity, toilet, shower, hot/cold water. Washing machine, fridge and freezer. The house should be located by a lake or directly by the sea. Distance to the lake not further than 50-100m, with lake view. A boat should be included and fishing should be allowed in the lake. If possible, the house should be located in a wooded area. Extensive hikes should be possible in the immediate vicinity. Shopping should be nearby. Mobile phone cover required. If possible, Wi-Fi in the house. The total rental price for the two weeks should not exceed 12000sk. Barbecue facilities should be available. Terrace with lake view should be available preferably with a view of the sunset. I would appreciate offers to. if there are still questions, I am happy to answer them. Yours sincerely Alexander


Alexander Henkel

ahenkel30( at )t-online.de

House wanted!

Good morning to beautiful Sweden! We would like to come to Sweden with our children from the 24th or 25th of December to the 2nd of January2020. We are 6 adults and a dog. Thanks !!



daumbremen( at )aol.com

Haus gesucht / Searching for a house

Guten Tag, wir suchen ein Haus für 4 Personen vom 13.-20.06.2020 oder ähnlich an folgenden Seen: Västra Öresjön Holsjön (Holsljunga) Das Haus sollte eine nahe Lage zu den Seen haben, sowie 1-2 Boote mit Motor sollten vorhanden sein. Vielen Dank und beste Grüsse Dirk Laudien ************************************************************* Good afternoon, we are searching a vacancy for 4 persons in the perios 13.-20.06.2020 or similar, based at the follwowing both lakes: Västra Öresjön Holsjön (Holsljunga) The house should be based near/direct at the lake and be fitted with 1-2 boats with motor. Many thanks and best regards Dirk Laudien


Dirk Laudien

dtnlaudien( at )freenet.de

Önskar hyra

Stuga/torp,hus fristående ute på landet,vinterbonat för året runt boende på längre sikt av trevlig,skötsam,rökfri,pålitlig,seriös tjej utan betalningsanmärkningar som tillåter husdjur.Högst 6000:- inklusiv vatten o el.



susanne.petersson.82( at )gmail.com

önskas hyra hus av äldre par med vovve

Hjälper till med diverse göromål ja sågott som allt


Tommy med kärring och vovve

billtommy331( at )gmail.com

Hytte tæt på Göteborg

Vi søger en hytte med plads til 5 personer tæt på Göteborg - max 30 min i bil. Gerne fra Søndag 13 oktober til fredag den 18 oktober


Anders Bagger

abagger( at )gmail.com

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