Holiday cottage in Sweden

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The Advertiser (see contact information in each ad) is personally liable for the description of his/her accomodation in the ad, and for the rental of his/her own holiday home. takes no commission on advertisers' rent. The letting takes place directly between you as a tenant and the advertiser (the landlord). This means that you completely avoid costly middlemen and prices can be kept at a good level.

When booking, we recommend that you as a tenant

  • Print the ad so that you have all the information at the time of booking saved.
  • Ask the landlord if any information in the ad seems unclear or is missing. Never assume that something that is important to you is available if it does not say so in the description. Ask the landlord so you do not risk being disappointed. Ask for pictures so you can see how the house looks both inside and out.
  • Check with the landlord that the price stated in the advertisement is correct for the period you want to book. If dates for high-and low season is missing in the ad, you must contact the current advertiser and ask him/her for the dates.
  • Make sure that you receive a tenancy agreement which shows clearly what holiday home you rent, the period during which you will hire, at what price, and which conditions apply. We recommend our advertisers to get paid in advance.
  • Make sure that you get full contact details to the landlord (not just an e-mail address). Check them with a map service like or
  • Ask the landlord for references from earlier tenants.
  • In Sweden it is common that the tenant bring their own bed linen and towels. If you want to borrow bedding / towels you need to ask the landlord if this is possible for a small fee. Cleaning is normally done by the tenant prior to departure. Sometimes you can purchase this service from the landlord.
  • If you are unhappy with something on arrival at the holiday home, contact the landlord immediately. Tell the landlord what you are dissatisfied with and ask them to fix the problem directly or compensate you.

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