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About is one of Sweden's largest and oldest advertising portals for renting holiday homes in Sweden. Since 2001 we have offered landlords and tenants a way to find each other without expensive intermediaries.

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The ambition of is to act as an efficient and user-friendly tool for both advertisers and other visitors and to assist as many bookings as possible.

We offer advertising at a very reasonable fixed price, and take no commission. The advertisers/landlords themselves publish all information about their properties through simple forms in their browser. This information will then appear in the form of an advertisement that is searchable in many different ways. The advertisers/landlords are responsible for the content in their ads and for the rental of their property. have about 100 000 - 260 000 unique visitors per month, which gives us many satisfied customers who choose to continue advertising from year to year. Especially fun are the advertisers who's been with us from the start in 2001!

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