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Vakantiehuizen en appartementen in Småland, Zweden

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Stugor i Småland uthyres   Ferienhäuser in Smaland / Småland   Holiday homes in Småland
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Änghult, cottage from 1800 in south of Sweden »
Änghult is an old cottege from 1800 deep in the forest in wonderful Tjust.It has 3 rooms, kitchen and a new bathroom. It is situated 10 km from G...
8 2500:- 3500:-
Gamleby, Västervik
Aanvraag versturen
Deze advertentie heeft tevreden huurders Holidays in Småland and right in the middle of nat »
This cosy holiday home is located a bit outside the town of Värnamo and offers enough room for up to six persons. Downstairs you will find a mod...
5 + 1 4000:- 5000:-
Aanvraag versturen
A beautiful and charming house, sea view »
House with charm and history renovated with great care to maintain the atmosphere. The house, called Södra Annexet, is located right next to th...
4 4700:- 5700:-
Vetlanda, Eksjö, Småland, Nässjö, Sävsjö, Högland
Log cottage on a farm in Småland »
Genuine log cottage, completely modern, 60 m from lake. Your own jetty and BBQ site. Canoe and rowboat included. Access to a floating sauna. Bicycle r...
4 + 2 3500:- 4000:-
Vrigstad, Sävsjö kommun
Aanvraag versturen
Renovated cottage by the lake on a farm in Småland »
Renovated and expanded cottage only a few meters from the lake. Was ready for rental in early summer 2012. The expansion include a bedroom, shower and...
6 + 2 5000:- 8000:-
Vrigstad, Sävsjö kommun
Aanvraag versturen
A beautiful house in a beautiful area . »
175 m2 on 3 floors including 3 bedrooms with room for max 8+ 2 people, big terrace, 2 bathrooms and relaxation room in the basement with a large s...
8 + 2
Aanvraag versturen
Deze advertentie heeft tevreden huurders Large house with lakeside »
Welcome to Sjövik! Spacious newly renovated house on big - 4110 sq.m. - lakeside with its own small beach. Plenty of space for games, ball games...
6 + 2 4500:- 5500:-
Vimmerby, Björkhult
Cottage in beautiful coastal nature outside Kalmar »
Renovated log house from the 1850s with beamed ceilings on the ground floor. The house is situated in a secluded location on the outskirts of a small ...
4 1900:- 4800:-
Slakmöre Pataholm Rockneby Kalmar Mönsterås
Cottage Smaland 5m from the water, now with SPA! »
Would you like to fish or get away from all the stress and relax in a natural environment near the water, then this cottage is perfect for you. The c...
4 + 2 2500:- 3500:-
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Deze advertentie heeft tevreden huurders House in a charming village overlooking the lake »
Farm with a house built in the 1920'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''...
6 + 4 5500:- 7500:-
Bellö, Mariannelund, Vimmerby, Eksjö, Vetlanda
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