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Lakeside house
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Annika´s House - Lake-Rowboat-Canoe-Jetty

Åsbro (Karintorp)

You offered to rent a house with 5 rooms and a kitchen in a beautiful and peaceful environment. The ...

Very comfy house with sleeploft


A very charmful and comfy house for you which are travelling alone as the whole family or two peop...

Small, cozy log cabin for rent

Torhyttan, Mullhyttan

Rent a cozy cottage in the deep forests of Bergslagen. The cottage has a living room with fireplace,...

19th century house close to lake with boat

Gålsjö Askersund

This house has one and a half floors and holds on the ground floor a modern kitchen together with an...

Cozy cottage at your own lake

Grythyttan, Hällefors, Karlskoga, Örebro

Nice holiday house decorated with antique furniture of good class. The house is located about 7 km f...

Cottage in contryside


Red cosy cottage in good repair, calmly located in the countryside of Karlskoga. The cottage has goo...

Bakery house in Ramsberg

Ramsberg Lindesberg

In the large kitchen with working old bread oven is rustic dining table refridgerator, micro and sto...

Lovely house by a lake in Tiveden

askersund, laxå

This charming house is beautifully situated a few steps from the lake Östersjön, between Askersund a...



Newly-refurbished 65-squaremeter cottage with a large lounge and kitchen. Oak parquet flooring and t...

Lovely cottage at the see.

Askersund Hallsberg och Örebro

Boende med 6 bäddar i Rönneshytta, norr om Askersund i Örebro län uthyres. Torpet Kristinelund ligg...

Nature and Culture


Well equipped cottage with water views all around in the middle of the iron country Bergslagen. Lo...

Romantic lakeside house in Bergslagen. Fishing,...

Ramsberg Nora Kopparberg Lindesberg Kloten

Romantic lakeside summer house in Bergslagen. Fishing ( Abborre , Gös , Gädda , ... ) ......... ...

Fantastic location close to the lake

Nora, Lindesberg, Örebro

Fully equipped house at a fantastic location close to the beautiful Fåsjön outside of Nora city. Clo...

Lakeside cottage - Vättern


Near Tiveden´s National park with its lovely hiking trails, enchanted wooland and Fagertärn´s red wa...

Cottage with florid garden privately situated 


Homey 19th century cottage in beautiful rustic surroundings with forest very close. Far from frequ...

Summer cottage by lake

Askersund, Tived, Laxå, Örebro

More photos on Summer cottage for 4 people, 40...

Small cosy cottage by Lake Vättern

Askersund,Aspa Bruk

Small cosy cottage. Go fishing in lake Vättern, hiking in Tiveden National Park, visit the town of A...

Timber smithy 1700 century

Kopparberg Örebro Lindesberg Ludvika Västerås

Beautifully situated former blacksmith´s workshop from the 1700-th century was restored in 2003. St...

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